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Everdell digital version coming from studio behind Root video game

Seasons on a screen.

Everdell, a board game about managing a woodland civilisation, is getting a digital version courtesy of the developer of the Root video game - Direwolf.

Originally released in 2018, Everdell sees players managing and growing a society of forest creatures throughout the different seasons of the year. There aren’t many details regarding the upcoming digital board game available, with Direwolf providing a description of the title’s premise - that, as leaders of Everdell, players will be delegating construction, events planning and diplomacy to their many citizens, all before the winter arrives.

In the original board game, one to four players compete as rival leaders of Everdell - a haven for the animals of the wood - who all dream of expansion and success. Over the course of a year, players will need to manage their citizens as best they can in order to build the largest and most prosperous city possible. Each round of the worker-placement board game sees players taking turns to assign their collection of workers to various tasks found across the board. Players can choose to place workers on locations, events and destinations, with the actions performed then contributing to the player’s overall success.

Everdell board game layout
The board for the original Everdell.

Having their workers fulfil actions opens up new opportunities and provides them with benefits - such as fresh resources and cards. When they acquire cards, players can choose to play them, thereby advancing the construction of their city and the growth of their population. By playing cards, players can also gain more resources, as well as access to certain abilities which will further benefit their civilisation. At the end of each round, players then remove their workers from the board, with new types of workers being added to the game.

Whichever player has collected the most points by the beginning of winter is named the winner of Everdell.

James A Wilson is the designer behind Everdell having also created all the expansions for the board game including Everdell: Pearlbrook - which added an underwater society - Everdell: Bellfaire and Everdell: Spirecrest, an expansion that introduced weather cards, discovery cards and big critters to the title.

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Starling Games is the publisher responsible for releasing Everdell, alongside a co-op board game that sees players working together to conspire against Hitler, called Black Orchestra, and A War of Whispers, a fantasy game about rival spy networks each attempting to manipulate an ongoing conflict.

Besides the digital versions of Everdell and Root, Direwolf has also developed and published video game versions of Raiders of the North Sea and Sagrada, as well as releasing original tabletop games such as deckbuilding games Clank! and Dune: Imperium.

The digital version of Everdell is set to be released on Steam, the Apple Store and Google Play sometime this year, with retail prices yet to be confirmed.

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