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Photosynthesis designer has created yet another board game about trees

Supporting Trees for the Future.

The designer behind Photosynthesis, Hjalmar Hach, has created another board game themed around growing trees.

Initially teased on Earth Day – which was on the 22nd April and had people highlighting the importance of environmental organisations and efforts – Evergreen is an upcoming board game that supports one to four players. In Evergreen, players are attempting to grow lush forests surrounded by various ecosystems and biomes, ensuring that their plants are showered in as much sunlight as possible.

Similarly to Photosynthesis, Evergreen requires players to gather light points by having their forests take in sunlight, which will depend upon their placement on the board and in relation to other plants. The difference between Photosynthesis and Evergreen is that players will be developing a variety of different biomes across specific areas of the board.

A close-up image of cards from the Evergreen board game

At the start of each round, players take a biome card from the shared pool which will determine what kind of biome they’ll be growing during that round. Each available biome has its own section of the board for players to plant and grow different types of flora and fauna, from bushes to trees, as well as other natural landmarks like lakes. Depending on what players grow, they’ll gain access to various extra actions that they’ll eventually be able to chain together for powerful combos.

Biomes that are chosen less often will become more fertile, thereby providing greater benefits from development. When growing their plants, players will want to collect them together in order to gather the most possible sunlight. However, larger plants will overshadow smaller ones, forcing players to be wary of blocking out their tiny seedlings.

Besides creating Evergreen and Photosynthesis, Hach is also responsible for co-creating narrative-driven board game The King’s Dilemma – and its upcoming sequel, The Queen’s Dilemma – and the Railroad Ink roll-and-write series with Lorenzo Silva.

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Evergreen is set to be published by Horrible Guild, the studio behind the aforementioned The King’s Dilemma and Railroad Ink series, as well as the party board game Sound Box.

The release of Evergreen – which is set for Q4 2022 – will be in support of the non-for-profit organisation Trees for the Future, which is training farming communities and families across sub-Saharan Africa on sustainable land use.

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