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Everything Ever is a modern spin on the classic party game Scattergories

A game about everything, everywhere, all at once.

An image of the cards from Everything Ever
Image credit: Floodgate Games

An upcoming party game looks to put a modern spin on the classic Scattergories formula.

Everything Ever sees between two and 10 people attempting to provide examples for a wide variety of different topics: from soups to space movies. In a similar fashion to the 1988 party board game Scattergories – which has players writing down answers to categories using words that start with specific letters – Everything Ever sees players testing each other’s knowledge under pressure.

Every round sees players drawing two cards from a stack of 250 category cards – which covers everything from types of hats, breakfast cereals and sports mascots – with players needing to think of at least one thing from each category on the spot. If a player fails to come up with an answer for any of the category cards, they must take a penalty card: with the player who holds the least penalty cards at the end of the upcoming board game being named the winner.

An image of the box for Everything Ever
Image credit: Floodgate Games

However, players can attempt to avoid receiving a penalty card by switching the category they can’t provide an answer for with a category card from their hand – as long as they’re sure they can provide an answer for it. Alternatively, players can always attempt to bluff their way through a round with an incorrect or made-up answer, with the hope that none of their fellow players call them out for it.

Everything Ever was co-designed by Nathan Thornton and Danielle Deley, who have previously worked together on another party game called Medium: a game that has players acting as psychic mediums trying to find the same word that successfully connects each of the words on their own cards, before attempting to say it at the same time.

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Floodgate Games is the publisher responsible for releasing Everything Ever, with the company having published the two-player board game Fog of Love, a title about roleplaying a romantic relationship, as well as last year’s Décorum and the dice-rolling game Sagrada.

Everything Ever is set to be launched at Gen Con – which takes place from August 2nd – for $20 (£15.50) and will be available from Floodgate Games’s online store, as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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