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Exploding Kittens card game now has a two-player version

Purring in pairs.

A two-player version of the popular card game Exploding Kittens is now available.

Based on the original quick card game for two to five players, Exploding Kittens 2-Player Version is specifically designed to be played with just a pair of people. Packaged in a small compact box, Exploding Kittens 2-Player Version sees two players going head-to-head against one another to force the other person to draw an exploding kitten card – leading them to lose the game. On a player’s turn, they draw and play cards that have various effects, such as enabling them to prepare for the arrival of a potential exploding kitten or launching an attack to make their opponent draw more cards.

Should someone ever draw an exploding kitten card in the two-player game, they have the option to attempt to defuse it as long as they have a defuse card – such as laser pointer or belly rubs - to hand. If whoever drew an exploding kitten card does not have a defuse card to play, then they immediately lose the game and their opponent is victorious. Players can combine Exploding Kittens 2-Player Version with a copy of the original game to incorporate the new cards.

Exploding Kittens 2-Player Version cards

Exploding Kittens 2-Player Version was co-created and co-illustrated by Matthew Inman – also known as The Oatmeal, an illustrator and designer who created a popular webcomic and formed the Exploding Kittens studio - and Elan Lee, who have previously worked together on the original Exploding Kittens, as well as other titles such as the card game Bears and Babies, that has players creating their own monsters to fight babies, and the dexterity game Throw Throw Burrito.

Exploding Kittens is the publisher responsible for releasing Exploding Kittens 2-Player Version, alongside the original and other card games like You’ve Got Crabs and On a Scale of One to T-Rex. The studio recently acquired the publishing rights to the party board game Happy Salmon from North Star Games, repackaging the title in a box – rather than the original fish-shaped bag – before giving away 10 NFTs, non-fungible tokens, based on the game earlier this week, despite the harsh environmental impact of the blockchain market and the high risk of money laundering taking place there.

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The original Exploding Kittens card game sees players drawing and playing humourous cards in an attempt to knock their opponents out. Players can force the others to draw additional cards via attacks, increasing the chances that they’ll pick up an exploding kitten card, which will cause them to lose the game if they do not have any defuse cards to use. If you want to learn more, head over to our page that details exactly how to play the original Exploding Kittens.

Exploding Kittens 2-Player Version is available now at a retail release price of £10 ($11).

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