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In the Hall of the Mountain King is getting a prequel game coming to Kickstarter this summer

Troll! Troll in the dungeon!

A prequel title to dungeon-building board game In the Hall of the Mountain King is set to hit Kickstarter in June of this year.

Fall of the Mountain King is set several generations before the previous game, playing out the sequence of events that led the trolls to flee their once great mountainous kingdom. As in the original title, Fall of the Mountain King will see players taking command of a factionl of trolls; however, the focus will be on establishing relations between the clans of the caverns and preparing for the incoming gnome assault.

An upcoming board game for two to five players, Fall of the Mountain King challenges players to develop their defences by establishing their faction’s worth amongst the rest of the trolls. Players can do this by performing various actions such as battling other troll leaders to gain influence within the mountain, winning over champions to join their clan - thereby gaining unique abilities - and defeating the invading hordes of gnomes to acquire new territory. Troll leaders who prove to be an asset to the mountain kingdom will find success at the end of the game.

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Fall of the Mountain King was created by Adam Daulton, the designer responsible for family-friendly card game Ninja Camp - in which players become martial-artist animals fighting against one another in a series of training matches - K’uh Nah, a push-your-luck card game about building pyramids; and a game about being Baghdad street urchins called Guild of Thieves.

Burnt Island Games is the studio responsible for releasing Fall of the Mountain King and the original In the Hall of the Mountain King, as well as other titles including Endeavor: Age of Sail and the upcoming sci-fi adventure board game In Too Deep, in which players become part of a secret agency attempting to protect innocents from a malevolent organisation called Syndicate.

The Kickstarter campaign for Fall of the Mountain King is set to be launched on June 1st, with details surrounding pledge amounts and an estimated release date yet to be confirmed.

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