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Fallout 4 is getting a new skirmish miniatures game from former Warhammer designer


Fallout 4 is getting a new tabletop adaptation with Fallout Factions: Nuka World, a skirmish miniatures game set in the video game’s post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Released way back in 2015, Fallout 4 remains the most recent numbered entry in the long-running series of roleplaying games based in the remnants of a USA gutted by nuclear war. That is, unless you count 2018’s online multiplayer instalment Fallout 76 - which it’s probably best not to.

Fallout Factions: Nuka World will pit the various factions of the wasteland against each other in skirmish battles. Skirmish games are typically characterised by using a small handful of miniatures compared to the table-filling armies of classic Warhammer.

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In the case of Fallout Factions, each box will include 10 32mm figures in hard plastic. The first sets will include three gangs - the Operators, the Pack and the Disciples - made up from Fallout’s antagonistic bandit enemies, the Raiders.

Behind Fallout Factions’ gameplay is miniatures veteran James M. Hewitt, a former Games Workshop designer with credits on games including Warhammer spin-offs Necromunda and Adeptus Titanicus, the tabletop adaptations of video game Devil May Cry and comic Hellboy, and GW’s brutal fantasy football game Blood Bowl.

The upcoming game comes from publisher Modiphius, which previously released story-driven Fallout miniatures game Wasteland Warfare. While Fallout Factions is described as being “entirely new”, the game’s models will be fully compatible with Wasteland Warfare, the studio confirmed. Each miniature will include a variety of build options.

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Fallout Factions will be focused on a competitive battle for territory, with players’ units fighting to take control of the titular Nuka World. Combat will be powered by ten-sided dice and a “streamlined resolution system” said to be well suited to beginners and quick matches.

Future releases will expand the game beyond Fallout 4, introducing “other prominent factions and regions in the Fallout wasteland”, according to Modiphius.

The publisher also revealed plans to support the game with organised play at local stores from launch, but did not detail what form the tournament system might take.

Fallout Factions: Nuka World will be released next year.

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