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Justin McElroy, Tim Schafer and Pro ZD cast in Familiar Tales board game app

Alongside voice actors from Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia and RWBY.

Tim Schafer, Justin McElroy, SunWong Cho
Image credit: Tim Schafer, Justin McElroy, SunWong Cho Thespaff, Maximum Fun

Justin McElroy, Tim Schafer and ProZD have been cast for voice acting roles in the companion app for the board game Familiar Tales.

The companion app for Familiar Tales, an upcoming board game from the creator of Mice and Mystics - Jerry Hawthorne - will feature narration and voice acting from a cast that includes The Adventure Zone player and podcast host Justin McElroy, as Gribbert the frog, Elizabeth Maxwell - an actor who has previously voiced characters in anime My Hero Academia and RWBY - as Blaze the fox, RWBY and Attack on Titan actor Anairis Quinones in the role of Flicker the fairy and Yuri!! On Ice and Dragon Ball voice actor Christopher Sabat, who is playing Chalk the statue.

Other notable actors cast in the Familiar Tales companion app include SungWong Cho, a voice actor who goes by the Twitter handle of ProZD, Double Fine founder and designer of Grim Fandango and Psychonauts Tim Schafer, Dragon Ball Super actor Bob Reed, Paula Deming - an actor on Grey’s Anatomy - Beastars actor Daman Mills, Lee George (My Hero Academia), Brina Plencia (One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul), Nazeeh Tarsha (One Piece), Chris Guerrero (My Hero Academia Movie 3), and Michelle Rojas (One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul).

Familiar Tales is an app-assisted board game for one to four players that takes place in a fictional fantasy kingdom that finds itself suddenly without a royal family on the throne. As the familiars of a band of wizards sworn to protect the last remaining heir, the players take control of one of four characters. Throughout the game, players will be able to modify their skill card decks using the experience they gain, developing their characters to make them more powerful.

In the board game, players will also be able to impact the princess and who she’ll eventually grow up to be, with their choices influencing her moral compass. The players eventually win the game when they successfully put the heir to the kingdom back onto the throne, with their lessons and decisions coming into play - however she chooses to rule.

Besides creating Familiar Tales and Mice and Mystics, Hawthorne is also known for designing the co-op board game Stuffed Fables - a tabletop title that sees the players becoming the beloved toys of a child who has been kidnapped by evil forces and needs their help.

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Plaid Hat Games is the publisher responsible for putting out Familiar Tales, as well as the aforementioned Mice and Mystics and Stuffed Fables, with the studio’s other games being Summoner Wars: Second Edition and Forgotten Waters.

Familiar Tales is set to be launched in January 2022 at a retail price of $79,95 (£58).

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