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D&D YouTuber Blaine Simple has made a Munchkin-like party game (Sponsored)

Fight the Blight with Blaine Simple, JoCat, Crit Crab, Dingo Doodles and Davvy Chappy.

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Dungeons & Dragons YouTuber Blaine Simple has teamed up with other notable names from the world of D&D YouTube to release a new party game.

Fight the Blight plays like a King of the Hill party game, with two to six players fighting to be the last player left alive. Each session lasts around 15 minutes to half an hour.

Players take it in turns to play attack cards from their hands in an attempt to infect their opponents, while using defence and utility cards to boost their attack power and avoid being infected themselves. Defence cards are placed in front of players to fend off attacks from rivals, while utility cards offer one-time effects that help players to build up their supplies. However, drawing cards can be just as risky, with death cards causing infection that can’t be healed.

The announcement trailer for Fight the BlightWatch on YouTube

In a twist from the likes of Munchkin, there is no player elimination. Instead, defeated players become zombies who can take down living players in order to regain their mortality and still take the victory. If a zombie manages to take down the player with the golden chalice - represented by a miniature goblet included in the box - they return to life.

Each player character has different abilities, which combine with a ‘Festering’ curse that grants the player who kills them a unique bonus. There are eight different characters in the core box, from The Inventor and The Psychic to The Bodybuilder and The Shut-In, each with their own distinct gameplay effects.

The game features cameos from a number of other notable names from across YouTube and Blaine’s own friendship group, including A Crap Guide to Dungeons & Dragons animator JoCat, D&D storyteller CritCrab, D&D story cartoonist Dingo Doodles and D&D influencer Davvy Chappy. The group, who contributed to the game, show up as playable characters in the first print run. The cards include custom artwork from the creators themselves.

Other D&D YouTubers including JoCat, Crit Crab, Dingo Doodles and Davvy Chappy appear as playable characters in Fight the Blight's first print run.

In addition to the core box, Fight the Blight’s first expansion Dark Past vs. Doomed Future introduces an extra eight characters - each with brand new abilities - to the roster. The characters are inspired by sci-fi and fantasy mainstays, such as The Dragon and The Engineer. The characters are joined by dozens of new attack, defence, death and utility cards, similarly inspired by fantasy and sci-fi, that open up extra ways for players to fight for victory.

All of the cards are illustrated in Blaine’s recognisable art style, and include references to everything from Elden Ring to, of course, Dungeons & Dragons.

Blaine Simple is known for making popular animated videos inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, including videos on what your favourite D&D race/weapon/feat/class says about you and specific stories - from hijinks using the wish spell to having players take down a final boss in one round of combat.

Blaine Simple explains how to play Fight the BlightWatch on YouTube

The YouTuber has also released a number of D&D supplements that introduce items, character creation options and monsters inspired by popular anime series - including Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia and Fullmetal Alchemist - and tropes to the tabletop RPG as part of the Anime into D&D series.

Fight the Blight is Blaine’s first card game, and took two years to create.

Fight the Blight is available for pre-order now, ahead of its release in August.

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