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Alien and The Thing given homage in expansion for horror game Final Girl

Starring the Evolmorph and The Organism.

Survive against murderous aliens in deep space and at a outpost in Antarctica in the latest set of expansions released for horror board game Final Girl.

The Final Girl Series 2 set includes five different Feature Film boxes for players to combine with their copy of the core Final Girl release. Each box contains a different killer, two different playable characters, a location board and the various cards unique to that scenario. By removing the front and back of each box, players can flip the covers around to reveal the respective killer and location boards, with the playable characters and cards featured inside the boxes themselves. The five available expansions featured within the Final Girl Series 2 include tributes to various beloved horror movies, such as Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic Alien and John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi film The Thing.

Into the Void, designed by Evan Derrick, contains a killer called the Evolmorph - a clear reference to Alien’s Xenomorph - which the likes of Ellen and Jenette of the USCSS Patina must destroy before it becomes even stronger and deadlier than it already is.

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Terror at Station 2891 introduces The Organism, an alien lifeform which is capable of assimilating unfortunate victims and taking their forms - a scenario that’s incredibly similar to the one featured in The Thing - with the remaining humans being uncertain of who they can trust. A J Porfirio’s expansion contains playable characters Kate and Uki, as well as the Station 2891 location itself, with the player needing to destroy The Organism before it can enact its terrifying plan.

The other three expansions included in the Final Girl Series 2 collection are A Knock at the Door, created by Mike Martins, a home invasion style box that sees playable characters Ava and Ginny surviving in a remote cottage, Julie Ahern’s Once Upon a Full Moon - which features a Big Bad Wolf chasing two characters named Red and Gretel through a wood - and finally Madness in the Dark, designed by Evan Derrick, a box containing the Ratched Lady that attempts to administer care to Heather and Veronica. (Which unfortunately seems to contain negative tropes often associated with mental health institutions and patients.)

Final Girl is a solo board game that sees the player taking on a killer as a final girl, an archetypal female-identifying character often found in the horror genre who faces off against a murderous threat on their own. When combined with one of the game’s Feature Film boxes, Final Girl has the player making their way around a location in order to fulfil a set of specific objectives, all whilst avoiding their stalker/s. If players manage to successfully fulfil their objectives and defeat the killer/s, then they win the game.

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The co-creators of the core Final Girl game are Evan Derrick - the designer of space board game Dark Moon and Detective: City of Angels - and A J Porfirio, who created another solo game called Hostage Negotiator.

The Kickstarter campaign for Final Girl Series 2 is live until February 4th, with a pledge of $20 (£15) getting backers a Feature Film box of their choice from the collection - which is estimated to arrive in December - and a pledge of $90 (£60) getting backers the entire Series 2 collection.

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