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Get Tiny Epic Galaxies creator’s new solo game for £10

Take the bait.

Get the next solo board game from the creator of Tiny Epic Galaxies, Scott Almes, for a Kickstarter campaign pledge of £10 ($12).

Part of Almes Simply Solo Line collaboration with Button Shy, Fishing Lessons is a solo game about honouring the memory of a loved one with a fishing trip. As a relation of the now deceased Leland Williams, who had a passion for fishing, players set out on a solo fishing trip as a memorial to him and an excuse to comb over their memories. Those memories with Leland will be important, as they’ll be what players rely upon to actually fish with some measure of success.

Fishing Lessons has players progressing through a series of rounds, using their memories of Leland to carry out each of the steps throughout the day. Players begin by choosing from one of Leland’s family members, with each character having their own unique goal for players to fulfil. Every round will have players recalling a memory of a fishing lesson taught by Leland, which players will place into a step-by-step list of actions that they will then run through in the order they placed them.

Cards for Fishing Lessons board game.

Lesson cards can be used to move the player’s boat across the lake cards or to flip the cards to either hide or unveil the types of fish that their character needs to find to win. Players will have to achieve their chosen character’s goal at a certain time depending on the difficulty level they’re playing on, with the more challenging levels providing less time. Players win the quick board game if they’re able to accomplish their character’s goal in the allotted time.

Besides Fishing Lessons and Tiny Epic Galaxies, Almes has also designed various other entries in the Tiny Epic series such as Tiny Epic Quest and Tiny Epic Kingdoms, and other solo games like Warp’s Edge.

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Almes and Button Shy have previously worked together on releasing solo board games such as Food Chain Island and Unsurmountable. Button Shy has also collaborated with other notable tabletop designers like Wingspan creator Elizabeth Hargrave, who published Tussie Mussie through Button Shy.

The Kickstarter campaign for Fishing Lessons is live until August 13th, with a pledge of $12 (£10) getting backers a physical version of the game in December. Alternatively, a print-and-play version of Fishing Lessons is available for $3 (£3).

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