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Fawlty Towers inspired RPG Flabbergasted invites players into the ridiculous world of high society

Prepared to be Flabbergasted.

Become a member of high society and blunder your way through in Flabbergasted, an upcoming roleplaying game set during the Roaring Twenties.

Inspired by the likes of classic British television shows such as Fawlty Towers and Jeeves and Wooster, as well as the beloved novel Around the World in 80 Days and its various adaptations, Flabbergasted has players navigating the hoity toity world of the aristocracy and upper-classes. Taking place at the turn of the century, Flabbergasted invites its players to turn on the charm and attempt to blag their way through the many social hoops of the bright young things.

In the roleplaying game, players will be able to create characters from one of four different classes - meant both in traditional RPG terms and literally - which will affect how other player and non-player characters will treat them. As an affable Aristocrat, almost all social doors will be open to them, whilst the entrepreneurial Well-To-Do class may have to negotiate using their exciting new wealth alongside the creatively driven and fascinating Bohemian class. Otherwise, players can choose to create a character in the Help class, should they want to take a more hands-on approach to situations that their more foppish fellows can’t tackle.

As a party of social climbers and opportunistic diners, players will be able to become members of an up-and-coming social club, or attempt to receive invites to one of the eight potential secret societies or just generally try to make a name for themselves in the fast-moving world of 1920s fictional city Peccadilo. Though there is much to be excited about, the player characters will have to be careful to not embarrass themselves or cause scandal in the rules-light RPG, otherwise they risk tarnishing their valuable reputation.

Flabbergasted RPG artwork

Flabbergasted is set to be created and released by The Wanderer’s Tome, a tabletop roleplaying game company co-founded by Fleur and Chelsea Sciortino. Previous RPGs published by The Wanderer’s Tome include Murder at Godsgrave Keep, a murder-mystery style game, and In the Shadow of the Lord.

A fundraising campaign for Flabbergasted is set to hit Kickstarter, with a campaign launch date and estimated delivery date yet to be confirmed.

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