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Popular Japanese RPG Fledge Witch, inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service and Little Witch Academia, will see an English release

Conjuring up a Kickstarter this summer.

Image credit: LionWing Publishing

A Japanese RPG inspired by the charming magical stories of Kiki's Delivery Service, Little Witch Academia and Witch Hat Atelier is getting an English-language release after selling out its original Japanese print run in a matter of days.

Fledge Witch: The Magical Apprentices of Elemeria will localise the magical school RPG set in the fantasy setting of Elemeria, a land where witches have been driven to the edges of civilisation by magical catastrophes of the past.

Players will take on the role of apprentices led by one player as their guiding witch - effectively taking the place of a typical GM, as well as roleplaying as a character themselves. Together, the group will work to help the witch pass down their secret knowledge of magic and earn their teacher’s respect.

Image credit: LionWing Publishing

The game’s beginner-friendly rules resolve challenges by rolling six-sided dice. The number of dice rolled is determined by the apprentice’s skill level in a craft such as potion-making, summoning or lore. To help reach the number of successes required, players can use any available heart - a representation of their bonds with each other and their tutor, earned during the course of each session - to roll extra dice or lower the test’s difficulty level.

Fledge Witch is described as a forgiving, wholesome RPG, with failure potentially leading to consequences such as damage or injuries but nothing as serious as death or defeat, as the apprentices are picked up and dusted off by the witch.

Regardless of their performance during challenges, players will be able to progress their apprentices at the end of each session by spending experience points by improving their six craft traits - Summoncraft, Songcraft, Potioncraft, Toolcraft, Lorecraft and Housecraft - and gaining access to new magical abilities. A high enough level in a craft will obtain an additional skill that helps avoid future failure.

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LionWing Publishing’s English-language translation of Fledge Witch will recreate the RPG’s rulebook, revamped with new layouts and additional art from original illustrator Amenomachi. The expanded book will also add new scenarios and lore, as well as brand new illustrations from Temi, the artist behind LionWing’s recent English release of Kamen Rider-inspired RPG Convictor Drive.

A Kickstarter campaign for Fledge Witch: The Magical Apprentices of Elemeria will launch later this summer, ahead of an unannounced release date.

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