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House that inspired Haunted Mansion and American Horror Story episode featured in new version of Floor Plan board game

The Winchester Mystery House needs an architect.

Venture into the haunted halls of The Winchester Mystery House in the newest version of the architectural board game, Floor Plan.

Set within the infamous Winchester Mystery House, the upcoming board game sees players competing to design the layout of the strange mansion first built during the late 19th Century by the widow of a wealthy fire-arms businessman. With the original house being known for its architectural oddities - such as doors and stairs leading to nowhere - Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House looks to provide an opportunity for players to create some unusual layouts in their blue-prints.

In an Instagram post featuring an image of the game box and a description of the horror board game, content creator What’s Eric Playing? commented on how Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House will include “spooky challenges, a second floor, and finally, rewards for being suspiciously bad at door placement”.

In the original Floor Plan roll-and-write game, players are architects who are tasked with designing a new house for a demanding client. Unlike the upcoming Winchester Mystery House version, players are encouraged to think carefully about crafting a logical layout for the building - adding and placing the right rooms and landscaping elements with the goal of pleasing the client. Each round, players simultaneously use the same dice result to draw rooms or architectural features to put into their blueprint.

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Once any player has successfully catered to six demands for their client - or is unable to use the dice results on their turn - then the game ends and the player with the most points is named the winner.

Floor Plan was created by Marek Tupy, a co-creator of the card game collection Jabberwocky - which features eight different games within a single pack - and the designer behind Bequest, a card game about attempting to gain the most wealth from a fortune left behind by a wealthy mastermind.

Deep Water Games is the publisher responsible for Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House, as well as the original game, and is otherwise best known for the roll-and-write title Welcome to…., which is also about house planning, and the game Fantastic Factories.

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The Winchester Mystery House is renowned for its strange design and tragic backstory, being built by a woman who lost her husband and daughter to disease and dedicated her life to continuously constructing a mansion to hold the spirits of victims who had been murdered by people wielding the Winchester Rifles her late partner had sold. It has been the inspiration for the likes of The Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland, as well as featuring in an episode of American Horror Story and receiving its own film in 2018 called Winchester.

Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House is yet to receive a set release date or retail release price.

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