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Create your own fragrant bouquet in floral-themed board game Floriferous

Petal to the metal.

Wander lonely as a cloud through a field of flowers in Floriferous, an upcoming board game about arranging a bouquet of different beautiful cuttings.

Floriferous is a game for one to four players set in a garden filled with blooming flowers which the players must collect in order to score the most points. Certain combinations of blooms work better for certain occasions than others, requiring players to find and combine harmonious cuttings throughout the game’s deck of cards. Pairing the right flower cards with abundance, desire and mastery cards will grant players a good score by the time the game ends.

Players compete over three days - which are each divided in five or four turns, depending on the number of players - to gather cards from the five different types of flowers: tulips, poppies, lilies, daisies and mums. The flowers come in five shades of colour - yellow, white, pink, orange and purple - and some may even have a species of bug resting on their petals. Throughout the game, players take turns to take either a flower card or desire card, which score players points for fulfilling the requirements listed.

Otherwise, players can acquire points by collecting matching sets of flowers as shown on the abundance cards placed at the bottom of the drafting area. Points can also be earned by gathering the most sculpture cards or stones during the game, with the cup of tea being awarded to whoever collected the most stones. Mastery cards, which sit above the drafting area, can grant players points if they gain the necessary collection of flowers first. Whichever player scores the most points by the end of the game becomes the winner.

Floriferous was co-created by product lead Eduardo Baraf - co-designer of the two-player asymmetric title, Skulk Hollow - game designer Steve Finn and Keith Matejka, all of whom previously worked together on 2017’s Herbaceous, a card game about gathering different types of herbs.

Floriferous board game layout

Pencil First Games is the studio responsible for releasing Floriferous, alongside the previously mentioned Skulk Hollow and Herbaceous, and 2018’s hiking-themed board game Sunset Over Water.

The Kickstarter campaign for Floriferous is live until April 5th, with a pledge of $20 (£15) getting backers a copy of the core game that’s set to arrive in May 2022.

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