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Carcassonne gets spooky in new spin-off co-op board game

Tiles for tormented souls.

Appease the spirits of tormented souls together in the upcoming board game spin-off title, Fog Over Carcassonne.

The next entry in the beloved family board game series, Fog Over Carcassonne transports players not to a medieval French countryside – as in the original title – but to a haunted land that’s currently being terrorised by angry ghosts. A curtain of mist has spread across the hills and valleys, unleashing the fury of the spirits that dwell inside it. Players will need to use the various locations and landmarks that they can construct around them in order to quell the ghost’s anger and save the locals.

Fog Over Carcassonne will be the first co-op board game in the series, seeing the players collaborating together instead of competing against each other. Rather than laying down the traditional fields, monasteries and city tiles, in Fog Over Carcassonne players will be attempting to construct cemeteries – in which to contain the restless spirits – and haunted castles in order to survive the onslaught of ghosts spreading across the land. Players will have three days, or three rounds, of spirit spawning, during which they’ll need to contain as many of them as possible. (With the ghosts appearing as little semi-transparent meeples.)

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If the group manages to make it through three days without getting overwhelmed by ghosts, then they collectively win the game.

Fog Over Carcassonne was designed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, the creator of the original Carcassonne as well as many of the game’s various expansions and spin-off titles including the Carcassonne: Expansion 1 – Inns & Cathedrals, the Stone Age themed Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers and even a Star Wars themed board game version of Carcassonne.

German studio Hans im Glück is set to release Fog Over Carcassonne, with the English language version of Carcassonne and its various expansions and spin-off titles being published by Z-Man Games, the company responsible for releasing co-op board game Pandemic and A Feast for Odin.

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The original Carcassonne was released in 2000 and has two to five players attempting to earn the most points by collectively building a French countryside. In Carcassonne, players take turns to draw and place a tile – which must be adjacent to an already placed tile and connect with whatever is shown on that tile – in order to then place an appropriate meeples on the area just created. Monasteries will house monks, roads contain robbers, cities feature knights and fields hold farmers, with the player scoring points for the finished area. Once all the tiles have been placed, the game ends and the players count-up their point totals.

Fog Over Carcassonne is yet to receive a release date or retail price, with an English language version as of yet unannounced.

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