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Critical Role publisher printing new edition of storytelling game For the Queen

Yas queen!

Layout image for For the Queen (second edition).
Image credit: Darrington Press

The publishing studio that handles Critical Role tabletop games, Darrington Press, is releasing a new version of the storytelling card game For the Queen.

Originally published in 2019 by Evil Hat Productions – the company responsible for releasing tabletop roleplaying game Blades in the Dark – For the Queen is a card game created by Alex Roberts in which players become retainers, servants and confidants for a fictional matriarch. The game is entirely driven by the cards that are drawn and the decisions made by the players in response to them.

At the beginning of the game, players can decide what kind of queen they’re serving and the roles they have in her court. Players then embark on a long and possibly perilous journey with the monarch, before ultimately choosing whether to support her or lead her to her death. Throughout the game, players will take turns drawing cards, reading out the text and making decisions in response.

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There is no win state for any of the players, instead the game ends when a specific card is drawn from the deck – with everyone deciding the final fates of their own characters.

The upcoming second edition of For the Queen will feature new artwork, packaging and prompt cards – as well as 25 different queen illustrations to choose from when starting each game. A collection of six promotional cards for For the Queen (second edition) based on the characters featured in one of Darrington Press’ previous titles, Queen by Midnight, will be available from Darrington Press Guild stores.

Promo cards for For the Queen (second edition)
Image credit: Darrington Press

Darrington Press has previously partnered with Roberts for its two-player board game Till the Last Gasp – which has players collaborating to tell stories about characters clashing in duels – who contributed some additional design to the title.

Otherwise, Darrington Press has published the Critical Role board game Uko’toa and has plans to release an upcoming tabletop RPG created by Critical Role dungeon master and actor, Matthew Mercer, called Syndicult.

For the Queen (second edition) is set to be released on May 14th from Darrington Press Guild Stores, local game stores and Critical Role’s online shops.

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