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Mörk Borg-inspired miniatures game Forbidden Psalm returns with an expansion

All models should be made of heavy metal.

Explore a dark fantasy world with a warband at your command with In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard, a campaign setting for a miniatures game that's inspired by the Mörk Borg RPG.

A brand new expansion for Forbidden Psalm - a skirmish game that’s compatible with the heavy metal inspired RPG Mörk Borg - In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard takes place immediately after the storyline found in the game’s core book. As a party of five “greedy souls,” the players will find themselves facing even deadlier and darker trials than those found in the original Forbidden Psalm. Taking place in and around the city of Dawnblight, which has since fallen into ruin, the miniatures campaign challenges the group to seek the Mad Wizard who had previously hired them.

With such horrors as the Blind Spider Queen and the “unkillable” Cath Palug, players will want to find refuge and recuperation at Dawnblight’s own Hog’s Head Inn - a place for the warband to rest and re-equip themselves for the dangers ahead. Not only will players be able to sell items they find during their quests and purchase new equipment for their units, but they’ll also have the opportunity to meet new allies who can join them in their mission.

In the Footsteps of Mad Wizard layout

During their time in the Hog’s Head Inn, players will also be able to rent out a room for their warband to rest their weary heads in. Whenever players complete a scenario, they will then be able to buy an upgrade for their room which will give their warband various benefits when they stay there - these upgrades include a recruitment poster, which will net them a new warband member, and even a ritual circle to enable them to resurrect one of their deceased party members back from the dead.

Forbidden Psalm is a miniatures game that’s fully compatible with the Mörk Borg roleplaying game, meaning that players can use elements of both titles within their playthroughs of either one. Released via a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign in February, with the rules PDF now available on DriveThruRPG, Forbidden Psalm sees players using their own miniatures alongside a set of solo and co-op game rules in order to do the bidding of Vriprix the Mad Wizard. The eight session campaign, weapons, spells, flaws and feats included in Forbidden Psalm are usable with Mörk Borg as well as the miniatures game inspired by it.

Mörk Borg is a fantasy roleplaying game inspired by doom metal and released by Free League Workshop in 2020. In the game, players take on the roles of lost souls attempting to find redemption or glory in a world that is prophesied to fall to flames. Depending on their character type, players will be able to use a selection of both weapons or magic during their journey, with players adding modifiers on top of a d20 to perform actions. The RPG released with its own doom metal soundtrack which is available for free on Spotify.

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In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard was created by Kevin Rahman, the designer behind the original Forbidden Psalm, and is set to be released by Rahman’s publishing company KRD Designs.

The Kickstarter campaign for In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard is currently live until August 18th, with a pledge of £18 ($24) getting backers a physical copy of the campaign setting book, whilst £9 ($12) will unlock a digital PDF version of the expansion.

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