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Burgle Bros.’ two-player spin-off Fugitive is now free to play online

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Fugitive, the competitive two-player spin-off from co-op crime caper Burgle Bros., can now be played online for free.

Set in the same universe as co-op game Burgle Bros. - in which players work together to infiltrate a high-security building and successfully pull off a heist - Fugitive is a game for two players that sees one person assuming the role of a criminal on the run and the other the determined agent pursuing them.

As the player controlling the fugitive attempts to flee town unnoticed, their opponent must accurately guess the escape route before the fugitive reaches their goal. The head-to-head game starts with the fugitive drawing a hand of cards from a deck numbered from one to 42, with the ultimate goal being to play the 42 before being caught.

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The fugitive player begins by placing a card from their hand facedown to represent their chosen hideout. The next card they play must be a number that’s no more than three higher than their last hideout. For example, the fugitive might play a three and will have to lay down a four, five or six on their next turn.

Alternatively, the fugitive player can attempt to sprint to a higher-numbered location by playing plus cards in addition to the card in question - with the required amount of plus cards depending on how large the gap is between the previous and current cards.

The opposing Marshal doesn’t receive a hand of cards to begin with, instead drawing two cards from any of the three available decks and attempting to guess at the fugitive’s hideouts using the information they have. Any cards they guess correctly are turned face-up, with their goal being to reveal all hideouts before the fugitive manages to play the number 42.

Fugitive Online is a free official version of the hard copy developed by Burgle Bros. and Fugitive designer Tim Fowers. The app allows players to join an existing game or create their own. Time-limits for the game can be set and players can play the browser-based game on their PC or mobile device.

As well as Fugitive and Burgle Bros., Fowers designed upcoming sequel Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers and deckbuilding word games Paperback and Hardback, which see players competing to form the highest-scoring words from letter cards.

Fugitive is published by Fowers Games - founded by the designer - which is also known for releasing games such as real-time co-op game Now Boarding and last year’s team-based spy thriller title Sabotage.

Fugitive Online is available to play now for free via a web browser.

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