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Get Bit!, the party game about escaping a robot shark, is getting a fancy new edition

Teeth like steel, scales like iron.

Escape the steely clutches of a terrifying metal shark Get Bit! a party game that’s seeing the release of a brand new edition on Kickstarter.

The latest version of Get Bit! features fresh artwork, as well as new designs for the robotic figurines and the pursuing shark. As in many of the previous editions of the game, the player miniatures have detachable limbs that can be removed to represent the number of shark bites they’ve received throughout the game, whilst the shark miniature looks distinctly metallic and has a hinge jaw to simulate chomping.

Despite the changes, the rules for Get Bit! remain the same in the new edition, with players needing to try and stay as far in front of the others for as long as possible. As swimmer robots, the players have arrived at the beach for a day of harmless fun, but find themselves racing for their lives as a robotic shark chases them through the waves.

Get Bit! cards

Escaping requires the players to swim as far away from the shark as possible, whilst their fellow robots are steadily consumed. Each turn, players select a card from their hand - which are numbered from one to seven - with the lower numbered cards putting the players further in front of the pack, whereas the higher numbers leave players trailing behind. However, should two or more players choose the same numbered card, then they don’t move at all. Whichever player miniature is at the back loses one of their limbs to the shark. Once a player figure has lost all their limbs, they are removed from the game.

When only two players remain in the game, then whichever player manages to get out in front survives the shark attack and becomes the winner, whilst the other player character becomes shark food.

Get Bit! was created by Dave Chalker, a designer who’s also responsible for creating the beginners card game Thief’s Market - a title that has players trying to gain as much loot as possible by carrying off devious plans and using their henchpeople to their advantage - and co-designing Heat, a card game about being members of a criminal organisation attempting to escape the notice of the police.

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Greater Than Games is the publishing company behind this latest edition of Get Bit! and has previously released tabletop titles such as co-op board game Sentinels of the Multiverse - a board game that has players becoming superheroes working together against an evil mastermind - and Tak, a two-player abstract board game.

The Kickstarter campaign for Get Bit! is live until September 4th, with a pledge of $19 (£14) getting backers a copy of the physical game, with an estimated delivery date of August 2022.

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