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Sable, Dune and Breath of the Wild gave life to this desert tabletop RPG

Time to glide or die.

Glide is an upcoming roleplaying game inspired by the likes of the video games Sable and Breath of the Wild, as well as the Dune series of novels by Frank Herbert.

Taking place on a desert planet called Eridoor, Glide is a solo RPG that has the player becoming a Glider, a native who travels the sands in search of ways to regrow a now scattered society. Once a thriving green world, Eridoor is now a barren wasteland whose lack of rainfall led to the death of its lush forests and plant-life. Though several Great Houses used to call Eridoor their home – ruling over their people and pursuing their many ambitions – those leaders are now gone, having consumed everything that their planet once had through warfare and power struggles. With the Great Houses gone, Eridoor is now left to the Glider and what remains of their people.

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As the Glider, the player will spend their time searching for any resources not taken by the Great Houses, including whatever may be left of a precious mineral that gives the owner the ability to terraform and create life from nothing. Throughout the tabletop roleplaying game, the player will journal their adventures and findings on Eridoor, with several different guilds to work for and achievement points to be acquired. Gaining achievement points enables the player to access new ranks for their character, as well as learn useful skills and gain resources. The player’s ultimate goal is to become a full member of their chosen guild by performing various tasks for them.

Players will move across a hexagonal map, revealing a new playing card for every new area that they visit. Using the game’s rulebook, the explorer can devise what they discover there and draw their findings – or, alternatively, make notes or use symbols – so that they can return to them later. Every mission that a player takes will have a destination which, when reached, will trigger an exploration event that will test the Glider’s various attributes, such as their skills or endurance, and will provide subsequent rewards if the player succeeds. Keeping track of the weather and conditions will help players keep their character alive and well, being sure to rest up whenever they can.

Glide was created by Cody Barr, the owner of the studio publishing the RPG – Sleepy Sasquatch – and designer of other tabletop RPGs such as Storm Caller – a game that sees players taking the role of a lightning warrior – and a Mad Max inspired post-apocalyptic roleplaying game called Courier.

The Kickstarter campaign for Glider is live until February 28th, with a pledge of CA$ 10 (£6/$7) getting backers a PDF of the rulebook in May.

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