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Gloomhaven TRPG will expand to include Frosthaven setting

“More content” will be coming.

Promotional artwork from the Gloomhaven RPG.
Image credit: Cephalofair Games

The Gloomhaven Roleplaying Game will expand to include the Frosthaven setting, according to the creator of Gloomhaven, Isaac Childres.

The news was revealed via an AMA, ask me anything, post on Reddit run by the co-designers for the upcoming board game Gloomhaven: Second Edition – Childres, Drew Penn and Dennis Vögele - in which the general public were invited to ask any questions they might have for the team.

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Designer Isaac Childres plays the Gloomhaven Roleplaying Game with their associates.

One user, LocalCoffeemancer, asked whether there might be “Any chance of the creatures or classes from Frosthaven making it into the Gloomhaven RPG?” Childres replied to the question clarifying that “While the initial RPG offering is centered around Gloomhaven and those monsters, our plan is to continue supporting the product with more content releases.” The designer continued, highlighting that “a big part […] will be expanding to the Frosthaven setting.”

Childres did not provide any further details on any Frosthaven-themed releases for the Gloomhaven Roleplaying Game in the Reddit thread.

Another user, nick_gadget, enquired as to whether “third parties” will be able to “create and publish content for the RPG? How will that work?” In reply, Childres confirmed that, though Cephalofair – the studio responsible for releasing the upcoming roleplaying game – was in the “process of figuring” out how that would work, the “goal” was still “yes.”

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The Gloomhaven Roleplaying Game is a tabletop RPG that was initially revealed at the end of last year. Set within the world of Gloomhaven, the upcoming RPG will see a GM, or Gloom Master, narrating a story as players explore various locations including several dungeons, in which players will find combat encounters and puzzles. Combat in the TRPG will work in a similar fashion to that of the board games, with players creating characters using the available classes and species from across the Gloomhaven universe.

A crowdfunding campaign for the Gloomhaven Roleplaying Game is currently live on Backerkit, with a pledge of $30 (£23) getting backers a copy of the fantasy RPG in July 2024.

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