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Goblin Coaster is a co-op game about building underground roller coasters

Trolls on the tracks.
Goblin Coaster box
Work in progress

Construct underground roller coasters to prevent catastrophes in Goblin Coaster, an upcoming board game.

Taking place in the underground lair of a society of goblins, Goblin Coaster sees players attempting to quickly build the track of a cart-ride in order to stop someone from crashing. In the hopes of making their dungeons feel more homely, a group of goblins has decided to build themselves an exciting minecart ride. However, just as they’re beginning construction, one of the goblins decides they can’t wait and hops into one of the carts, subsequently hurtling down a track that is yet to be finished.

In order to prevent a disaster that is moments from happening, players will need to work together to build the track in front of the travelling minecart. As a co-op board game, the players will need to find and place the right pieces down onto the board, thereby creating the track the runaway goblin is travelling along. Each new section of the track is predetermined, with players racing to find the matching track section to fit onto the roller coaster.

Throughout the game, players will have to collaborate against the clock to build the track as fast as they can before the minecart reaches its end. Should the players manage to construct their track in time, then they win the game and find themselves with a finished roller coaster at the end.

Goblin Coaster was co-created by Ursula Hermens-Meyberg and Jan Meyberg, who has previously co-designed the family board game Kraque - which has players guiding schools of fish through octopus infested waters - and a dexterity game called Yummy Monsters, as well as creating Sultans of the Wind, a board game about flying magic carpets.

The publisher responsible for releasing Goblin Coaster is Huch!, a German studio that has previously released tabletop tiles such as Keyflower, a board game about a ship’s passage through the different seasons, and a game inspired by 16th century India called Rajas of the Ganges.

Goblin Coaster is set to be released in the second half of 2022 - according to BoardGameGeek - at a retail price of €22.99 (£19/$19).

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