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Goblin Errands is an RPG about a day in the life of a gobbo

Short but strong.

Live a day in the life of a gobbo in Goblin Errands, an upcoming tabletop roleplaying game about the short and much-maligned creatures.

A TRPG, Goblin Errands revolves around the adventures of a group of goblins living in a hidden community away from the eyes of the tall folks that threaten their livelihood. Small but hardy, goblins have always kept their distance from the big cities of the larger people, finding ways of getting whatever they need without venturing too far into the realms of humans. As a small party of goblins, players in the tabletop roleplaying game are tasked by their community leader to perform a series of mundane tasks in order to help out their fellow gobbos, some of which may take them outside the boundaries of their home.

From watering the local plants to helping the community leader free themselves from a chamber pot, the player party will have to use all of their wily goblin ways to solve the problems they’ve been presented. Their tasks may appear simple, but the players will inevitably find themselves getting into trouble, as everyday problems quickly become huge catastrophes that the humans will hopefully not discover.

Unlike many other tabletop RPGs, playing Goblin Errands doesn’t require any preparation from the games master or the players. Instead, the two to four players and the GM can begin a session of the game – which takes around three hours to complete – using its rulebook, which includes playbooks for playable characters, an errand generator and a table for GMs to create goblin communities with. Each of the playbooks provide fully realised characters – such as Rowdy; Rascal; Whiz-Wart and Crooner – that players will be able to control straight away.

Goblin Errands was created by Martin Nerurkar, a game designer whose previous titles include a video game called Nowhere Prophet, the city-generating and map-making tabletop game Ex Novo – and it’s fantasy game equivalent, Ex Umbra - and The Mending Circle, an RPG about a coven of witches that come together to share their stories and bring hope to the world.

The artwork for Goblin Errands was created by Agata Bednorz, who has created illustrations for the video game 60 Parsecs! and its post-apocalyptic spin-off title 60 Seconds! Reatomized.

Goblin Errands is part of Zine Month 2022, a community event taking place during the time that Zinequest would usually happen – which is now set to launch in August - wherein creators release and crowdfund their tabletop roleplaying games.

The Kickstarter campaign for Goblin Errands is live until February 18th, with a pledge of €15 (£13/$17) getting backers a copy of the physical rulebook in August. Alternatively, a digital PDF version is available for €6 (£6/$7).

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