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God of War two-player board game bridges the gap between the 2018 video game and Ragnarok

Dad of Boy: The Board Game.

Miniatures for God of War: The Board Game.
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A new board game based on the God of War video game series looks to bridge the gap between the events of the 2018 video game and God of War Ragnarök.

God of War (2018) is an entry in the video game series published by Sony Interactive Entertainment that sees Greek god of War Kratos attempt to fulfil the wishes of his recently deceased wife in the realm of Norse mythology. Whilst previous entries in the franchise take place in Ancient Greece and see Kratos viciously killing on account of his own rage and spite, God of War (2018) has players controlling a Kratos travelling across a version of the Nordic Nine Realms in order to find closure and teach his son, Atreus, how to survive.

Players take Kratos and Atreus through various Norse lands - such as Midgard and Alfheim - in order to find the highest mountain in the lands and scatter the ashes of Faye. Along the way they encounter various Norse gods including Freya, Baldur, Magni, Modi and Mimir, as well as renowned creatures like the world snake, Jörmungandr. A direct sequel to God of War (2018), called God of War Ragnarök was released in 2022 and follows events sometime after the ending of the previous game.

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God of War: The Board Game will take place in the time between the end of God of War (2018) and the beginning of God of War Ragnarök, shedding light on how Kratos and Atreus survived the frigid cold of Fimbulwinter - the precursor to the events leading up to Ragnarök. The upcoming board game sees players becoming the father and his son as they navigate the challenges of Fimbulwinter and prepare for the coming storm of Ragnarök.

A board game for two players, God of War: The Board Game has players working together to overcome various threats, including several monsters and a final boss. The beginning of each playthrough will have players choose out of eight different quests, before selecting the monsters and a final boss. Every quest will have players trying to achieve an objective: such as fortifying the protection staves, avoiding Freya’s revenge and helping Atreus search for answers to his identity.

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Along the way, players must face off against a roster of monsters and bosses who have their own behaviours and patterns the team will need to anticipate and respond to. As they progress, the duo will gain more synergy with each other and further develop their chosen characters.

God of War: The Board Game was created by Alex Olteanu and will be published by CMON, a company that has previously released another title based on the God of War franchise called God of War: The Card Game as well as other licensed board games such as Marvel United and The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire.

A crowdfunding campaign for God of War: The Board Game will launch on Gamefound sometime in April.

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