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A God of War (2018) board game is coming from the Zombicide studio

Dad of boy hits the tabletop.

An image of miniatures from the God of War board game.
Image credit: Cmon, Santa Monica Studio

God of War (2018), the video game reboot starring the spartan warrior Kratos, is getting adapted into a board game.

Beginning with the original video game released in 2005, God of War is a series starring Kratos, a warrior from Sparta who strikes a deal with the Greek gods in order to save his people, only to pay with the blood of his own family. After several entries that saw Kratos killing most of the Greek pantheon and spreading chaos across the ancient world, the series received a reboot in 2018 with a title simply named God of War.

This video game has players take control of an older Kratos who has formed a new family away from his past in Greece and Sparta. Now the lone parent to his son, Atreus, Kratos finds himself embarking on a quest across the Nine Realms. Along the way, the father and son encounter various members of the Norse pantheon – both friendly and not-so-friendly – as well as battle armies of undead and monsters. A sequel to God of War (2018), called God of War: Ragnarök, was released last year and sees the two characters becoming embroiled with a cataclysmic event that could spell the end of the world.

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A trailer for God of War: The Card Game.

Yesterday, it was announced that Cmon, the studio behind the co-op board game series Zombicide, would be publishing a new board game directly based on God of War (2018).

Cmon has previously released a tabletop adaptation of the video game with God of War: The Card Game – a title that has players attempting to find the right combination of characters and events needed to prevent Ragnarök from happening. The video game board game has players taking the role of the Norns, powerful sorcerers and seers, and forming collections of cards containing various aspects from God of War (2018) with the goal of completing a series of requirements.

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The next adaptation of God of War (2018) from Cmon will feature miniatures and will have players taking control of characters such as Kratos and Atreus as they journey through the Nine Realms, with players expected to meet “fearsome creatures and powerful Gods.”

Cmon is working directly with Santa Monica Studio, the developer responsible for the video game, in order to create the board game adaptation. A crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming board game is set to be launched in mid-2024, with a retail release estimated for mid-2025.

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