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Clank! studio announces second edition of its sci-fi action board game Gravwell

Race through space.

Speed towards the exit from a desolate dimension in Gravwell: Second Edition, an upcoming board game from the publisher behind Clank!, Renegade Game Studios.

Set in an alternate universe where humanity has discovered the key to long-distance space travel, Gravwell: Second Edition sees players returning to a seemingly impossible race against time. After passing through a crushing black hole, players find themselves lost in an unknown dimension where physics don’t work like they’re supposed to and entire flotillas are drifting in the frozen atmosphere. Each a commander of their own vessel, players must gather enough fuel to power their spaceship out of the dimension and back home.

Gravwell: Second Edition will feature new artwork from Kwanchai Moriya - the artist behind horror roleplaying game Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall, Dinosaur World, Capital Lux 2: Generations and Flip Ships - as well as support for up to six players, instead of the original’s four player maximum. Ships will come with their own unique powers for players to utilise, with each one also having its own uniquely sculptured miniature.

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The original Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension was released in 2013 and saw players navigating the asteroid fields floating in the galaxy in order to discover resources. Asteroids contained the elements that players needed to create enough fuel to get them to the warp gate, requiring players to move between objects in order to travel through the dimension’s strange sense of gravity.

Players could play cards to perform moves to push their vessel towards or away from nearby objects. Each round, players drafted fuel cards, with subsequent move cards remaining visible to all players - enabling them to speculate on their opponents’ next move. Players took turns to choose a fuel card to play, before everyone revealed their chosen cards and actions were resolved in alphabetical order. At any point in the game, players could decide to play their one Emergency Stop card to prevent their move from taking place.

Whoever successfully reached the warp gate first was named the winner. If nobody escapes in the course of six rounds, the player whose spaceship is the closest to the warp gate took the victory.

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Corey Young is the creator of Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension, with it remaining the designer’s only released game to date.

Besides Gravwell: Second Edition and Clank!, Renegade is known for publishing the West Kingdom and North Sea trilogies, two-player card game The Fox in the Forest and the real-time bomb disposal game Fuse.

Gravwell: Second Edition is set to be released “sometime soon” at a retail price of $40 (£29).

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