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Halo miniatures wargame will include slayer, oddball and capture the flag modes

Two starter sets to be released later this year.

A image of Halo: Flashpoint miniatures.
Image credit: Mantic Games, Xbox Game Studios

The miniatures wargame based on the Halo video game series - Halo: Flashpoint - will include multiple game modes inspired by those featured in the video games.

The Halo franchise began with the release of the original Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001 by Xbox Game Studios, a video game that has players stepping into the shoes of Master Chief: an elite soldier tasked with protecting human worlds and settlements against the The Covenant alien forces. Titles in the Halo series take place in an alternate future in which humanity discovers the ability to travel at a faster-than-light speed that enables them to travel to and colonise various other planets.

This intergalactic expansion leads to other alien species, such as the Covenant collective, embarking on wars against humanity, with the United Nations Space Command creating an experimental program to make human supersoldiers called Spartans. Master Chief is one of these Spartans and must investigate the mysteries of a structure called Halo, all whilst protecting humanity. The original trilogy of Halo video games was followed by several spin-off titles such as Halo: Reach and Halo Wars, alongside subsequent direct sequels.

A live-action television show based on the Halo franchise and starring the likes of Pablo Schreiber and Jen Taylor, was produced by Paramount in 2022, with a second season airing on Paramount + earlier this year.

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Halo: Flashpoint is an upcoming miniatures wargame that’s set within the Halo universe. The tabletop title will take place in the year 2560, when humanity has been driven to near extinction by the Covenant but have nevertheless survived. From the ashes of this great war arise a new army of Spartan soldiers - who will be thrust into battle against all manner of threats, including other Spartans.

The two-player game will pit two teams of miniatures against each other, with players taking command of their own respective units, utilising various iconic weapons from the Halo franchise. Players do battle on a 24 by 24 map that’s divided into a grid, with 3D cubes enabling them to move their units onto higher levels. Rather than using tape measures to determine a unit’s movement and firing range, players utilising the grid itself in order to shoot and move.

When taking an action with a unit, players roll three d8 dice and check them against the stats of their chosen unit. When rolling in an advantageous position - like shooting from a higher level than your target - players will be able to add extra dice, thereby improving your result. Should players roll particularly well, then they may even be able to carry out a headshot.

A image of Halo: Flashpoint miniatures game.
Image credit: Mantic Games, Xbox Game Studios

Besides the standard skirmish mode, Halo: Flashpoint will also support various game modes inspired by those featured in the multiplayer gameplay for entries in the video game franchise: including slayer, oddball and capture the flag.

Halo: Flashpoint was created and is set to be published by Mantic Games, a tabletop games company that has previously created miniatures games such as Deadzone, Firefight, Armada and Kings of War, as well as licensed titles based on Hellboy, The Walking Dead and Invincible.

Two different starter sets are set to be released for Halo: Flashpoint: including a Recon Edition - containing eight Spartan miniatures and a collection of terrain - and a Spartan Edition, featuring 16 Spartans, a collection of weapons and armour and miniatures for a faction called the Banished. Both sets will be released sometime this autumn.

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