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Punk rock musician Frank Carter has made a card game

Alongside Rattlesnakes guitarist Dean Richardson.

Frank Carter, known for fronting punk rock bands Gallows and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, is stepping into the world of tabletop games by designing a card game.

Halves was co-created by Carter and Rattlesnakes guitarist Dean Richardson, who came up with the idea of a word game on a flight to Dublin during the band's first tour in 2016. In the six years since, the game has apparently been playtested hundreds of times ahead of its crowdfunding campaign.

The party game sees up to eight players dealt a hand of colour-coded cards, with each colour denoting a different category for the round. A yellow card challenges the player to name words related to the starting word - for example, “chocolate bar” or “circus” for “lion” - while a blue card require them to rhyme words and red demands ‘perfect pairs’ - words that go with the given word to form new phrases, such as “dog” or “line” for “hot”.

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After the player gives their clue, the rest of the table takes turns to guess the original word within 30 seconds to score the number of points on the card. If nobody manages to guess the word, the starting player scores the points. That’s not always a good thing, as some words are worth negative points.

As well as word cards, trap cards grant effects that help or hinder players - for example, by halving the points of a card, stealing a card or spinning the double-ended cards to change their value. The half-hour game ends when the cards run out, with the most points winning.

Halves has hit Kickstarter ahead of a planned release in December, with the base game accompanied by both NSFW and ‘punk’ expansions. The latter includes words related to punk music, such as mosh/pit, stage/dive and more. A free print-and-play version is available to download from the campaign page.

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