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Be a bat out of hell in this ‘80s hair metal inspired roleplaying game

Biking with Beelzebub.

Drive motorbikes through the highways of the underworld in Hell Night, an upcoming roleplaying game inspired by 1980s hair metal and the Sandman graphic novel by Neil Gaiman.

Hell Night is a tabletop RPG set on an Earth that has been besieged by the Archons of Satan, with the King of Darkness himself threatening to awaken and spread chaos once again. The player characters are approached by a heavenly entity and told that they must rid the world of the invading demons before dawn arrives, otherwise the legions of Heaven will arrive to finish the job - and possibly the entirety of humanity - for them. As a gang of combat motorcyclists the players must take down the hellish fugitives one-by-one and send them back to hell, before it’s too late.

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A horror roleplaying game, Hell Night provides players and game masters with all the tools they need to organise, run and experience a one-shot session or campaign. The rulebook itself features a collection of artwork inspired by metal album covers, as well as an optional rules system that’s designed to help newer players get their heads around roleplaying. During the game, players can expect to encounter a roster of strange characters - both allies and enemies - as well as moments of chaos, with dice rolls determining which of the random events featured in various tables might happen.

Players will also need to anticipate witnessing a heavy amount of ultra violence when playing Hell Night as the RPG is also inspired by genre movies - particularly horror and cult films - with both player characters and enemies able to wield powerful weaponry and cast infernal spells. A Spotify playlist featuring various metal songs - including the likes of artists like Ozzy Osborne and Steppenwolf - has been created to be played alongside sessions of Hell Night.

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Hell Night was created by Gavriel Quiroga, the designer behind other roleplaying games such as the sci-fi RPG Neurocity - a game wherein players can use the power of their minds to escape corrupt authorities - and another metal inspired RPG called Warpland. Editorial and proofreading duties were completed by Walton Wood, with graphic design from Tomas Spicolli and art direction from Laurie Gius.

The Kickstarter campaign for Hell Night is Live until January 22nd 2022 with a pledge of $26 (£20) getting backers a physical copy of the rulebook in January 2022. Alternatively, a digital version of the RPG is available for a pledge of $8 (£6).

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