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Hellboy: The Dice Game is a fast-paced exploration title about fighting frog monsters

Rolling against ribbits.

Become a fresh-faced agent of the BPRD and investigate an abandoned facility in Hellboy: The Dice Game, an upcoming tabletop title based on the beloved comic series.

Hellboy: The Dice Game sees players taking on their first mission as members of the BPRD - or Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense - after being newly trained and deployed. As less experienced BPRD agents, the players will have access to a limited amount of abilities and resources during their foray into a disused factory complex populated by all sorts of weird and potentially dangerous creatures.

Whilst some of the rooms the players enter may simply contain a collection of harmless amphibians, others could be home to vicious frog monsters or much worse. Therefore, the players will need to carefully navigate each series of rooms to look for clues for their investigation, whilst trying not to be overwhelmed by the enemies they face.

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Players begin the game by shuffling the deck of exploration cards and placing them within reach of everyone, along with the game’s dice and wound tokens. The first player then takes the top card from the exploration deck and places it on the table face up. That player must then attempt to defeat any and all monsters shown on the card before they can end their turn. To attack enemies, players roll one special blue die and their attack dice together, with the attack dice determining whether the player successfully defeats the monsters in the room, whilst the blue die can result in a number of different effects.

Potential effects from the blue die include dealing double damage, being able to re-roll an attack die or adding additional attacks onto a result. Another potential effect includes cancelling a wound a player could take from an exploration card. Wounds can be gained by failing to defeat all the enemies shown on a card, with the player needing to successfully beat every monster on the card or otherwise get knocked out if they take too many wounds.

Whenever a player has been knocked out, they must wait until their next turn to attempt to defeat the enemies in the same exploration card again. If a player has successfully beaten an exploration card, then they can decide to leave the factory complex and end their journey - tallying up the total clues they’ve discovered and passing. Whichever player has the most clues by the end of the game is named the winner.

Hellboy: The Dice Game dice

Hellboy: The Dice Game is being published by Mantic Games, the studio responsible for releasing various tabletop adaptations such as the co-op title Hellboy: The Board Game, wherein players become characters from the comic series searching for ancient artifacts on various missions, and The Walking Dead: All Out War - a horror board game based on the comic book series about how human society survives in a zombie apocalypse.

The Kickstarter campaign for Hellboy: The Dice Game is live until May 7th, with backers needing to pledge £79 ($109) for a collection of new expansions for Hellboy: The Board Game in order to get a copy of the dice game that’s estimated to arrive in June 2022.

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