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Hello Kitty is getting a new board game from the folks behind the Binding of Isaac card game

Prepare for a Day at the Park.

Image credit: Sanrio/Maestro Media

Pop-culture icon and cartoon cat (maybe) Hello Kitty is headed to the tabletop in a new board game.

The Japanese character created by designer Yuko Shimizu will be the star of Hello Kitty: Day at the Park, a board game designed by Roberta Taylor.

Although there is almost no information about how the game will play or what it will include, count on it being as light and breezy as you’d probably expect from a Hello Kitty board game - it’ll play in under half an hour with two to four people, and be suitable for kids aged eight and up.

The game’s teaser artwork shows Hello Kitty sat on a bench with a cupcake, next to a singing bird and smiling sun, so it likely won’t involve slaughtering hordes of skeletons in dank dungeons or crushing rival nations in pursuit of global domination. It could, though - we just don’t know yet.

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Taylor is known for designing family-friendly board games including last year’s charming Creature Comforts and underwater horticulture (waterculture?) tile game Octopus' Garden.

Also involved in the Hello Kitty board game is Maestro Media, the tabletop outlet that previously worked on the card game adaptation of Binding of Isaac - the indie video game that involves a crying child shooting tears at sentient poops as he traverses his abusive mother’s womb in order to battle her heart. A crossover with the Hello Kitty board game is yet to be confirmed.

Taylor and Maestro will work with Hello Kitty’s parent company Sanrio to bring Day at the Park to Kickstarter in September. Maestro said that the crowdfunding campaign will “incorporate fan involvement and feedback, ensuring a fun and quality final product that is faithful to the Hello Kitty brand and its millions of loyal fans”. The board game’s release will follow in 2024.

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