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Hero Realms, Star Realms’ fantasy deckbuilder spin-off, is coming to PC and mobile

Beta launching next month ahead of August 2022 release.

Fantasy deckbuilder Hero Realms is headed onto PC, iOS and Android with a new app.

Based on the deckbuilding gameplay of Star Realms, Hero Realms sees each player start with an identical deck of 10 cards. As they draw and play cards, players are able to purchase additional cards from a central market row, gradually making their deck unique as they shuffle in the new cards.

Cards can provide currency for extra cards or combat points, used to attack rival players - the last playing left standing wins.

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The Hero Realms Digital app will include varying levels of AI opponents to battle, as well as the chance to face human players in online ranked and challenge modes. Players can gain levels by earning experience, with their character and the cards in their deck able to be improved via upgrade trees.

Roguelike mode Pit Fight sees players start with a first-level character and gain a level for every match they win against the AI - but a single loss means starting again from level one.

Outside of the competitive options, an online co-op mode is planned that will allow two human players to face stronger monsters together. The mode is currently in development and will be made available during the app’s upcoming beta, Hero Realms studio Wise Wizard Games said.

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Hero Realms Digital is currently live on Kickstarter, where the app has blown past its $10,000 funding goal to raise more than $130,000 with a week left on the clock.

The app will be released for PC and mobile next August, with beta access starting next month for backers of the crowdfunding campaign.

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