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Heroes of Normandie re-release Big Red One adds new missions and flamethrowers

Welcome back to war.

Storm the French countryside to destroy enemy soldiers in Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One, a re-release of the 2014 World War II board game.

Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One looks to revisit the original release, whilst adding a collection of new elements to the title. Alongside the new artwork for the game’s heroes, the latest edition will feature a rewritten rulebook and stripped-back deck of 50 cards - instead of the 70 included in the initial release - in an effort to provide faster gameplay and setup for players.

The upcoming board game will also include several new scenarios for players to tackle, as well as introducing a fresh batch of heroes to choose from and even flamethrowers for player characters to wield in battle. The upcoming re-release contains a new system for using aircraft in the board game, which will apparently improve upon the original’s approach.

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Heroes of Normandie is a wargame loosely based on the events of the Normandy landings during World War II, in which Allied soldiers arrived on the beaches of France to launch an invasion against the Axis forces. However, Heroes of Normandie takes a Hollywood-style approach to depicting the historical event, providing a series of exaggerated scenarios for players to tackle.

A two-player board game, Heroes of Normandie sees competitors going head-to-head against one another as either side of the conflict, utilising their army’s weaponry and units against their opponent. Each battle will differ depending upon which scenario players choose to use, with players commanding their units across the battlefield and opening fire upon enemy units using a combination of dice, tokens and cards.

Heroes of Normandie was co-created by the designer duo Yann and Clem, who are also responsible for creating horror spin-off Shadows Over Normandie: Achtung! Cthulhu - which sees players controlling three possible armies in a stand-off between the forces of the Old Ones, the German Cult of the Black Sun and the US Rangers - as well as other wargames such as Kharnage! and Frontiers: Liberty or Death!

Heroes of Normandie layout
The original Heroes of Normandie.

Devil Pig Games is the studio behind Heroes of Normandie and the upcoming re-release, alongside several of Yann and Clem’s precious titles including the aforementioned Shadows Over Normandie and Kharnage!

The Kickstarter campaign for Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One is set to be launched on sometime today, March 9th. (Thanks, BoardGameGeek.)

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