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There’s a new Hogs of War miniatures game, 20 years after the video game’s release

Pig out on nostalgia.

Relive the video game about tactical warfare between factions of pigs in Hogs of War: Miniatures Game, currently up on Kickstarter.

Based on the PlayStation game, Hogs of War: Miniatures Game sees players embarking on a series of missions with set objectives. With the option to choose between two initial factions - the Tommy Trotters and Sow-A-Krauts - players become the commanders of an army of pigs set on conquering the land of Saustralasia. As in the original game, Hogs of War: Miniatures Game is set in a World War I and II-inspired universe where swine soldiers wear army helmets and fly in early-to-mid 20th-century airships.

In the video game board game, players can construct their own base which provides swill income - or money - unit production and upgrades. Players engage in combat on terrain tiles that can affect the defence and movement ability of some units, as well as prevent certain units from crossing at all. To attack another unit, players roll a collection of dice to determine the outcome of the fight. Airship units, meanwhile, have their own dedicated player boards to alter their flight speed, direction and attacks.

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Hogs of War: Miniatures Game can be played as a campaign, with players progressing through a set of missions from a campaign book. Players can go head-to-head in a game of King of the Swill - where one faction holds a point against the other - or challenge each other to a match of Catch the Pigeon, where units chase after an airborne objective. There is also a solo game mode for players to tackle, and a co-op horde mode where players team up against waves of invading units.

Hogs of War was developed and published by Infogrames, alongside Sony, for the original Playstation in 2000. In the game, players can choose between several factions and control individual units that have different class types and weaponry. There is a single-player campaign mode and a multiplayer mode where players can battle each other across various maps.

Hogs of War: Miniatures Game was created by Paul D. Allen - the designer behind the co-op game Full Moon Jacket, which imagines a world where werewolves were in the Vietnam War - and James Faulkner.

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Stone Sword Games is the publisher responsible for Hogs of War: Miniatures Game, as well as another upcoming release based on the video game called Hogs of War: The Card Game - also designed by Faulkner.

The Kickstarter campaign for Hogs of War: Miniatures Game is live until October 15th, with a pledge of £69 getting backers a core copy of the game estimated to arrive next June.

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