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Food Chain Magnate studio’s latest board game is about selling horseless carriages

Build an automobile empire.

Enter the birth of the automobile car as ambitious industrialists in Horseless Carriage, an upcoming board game from the studio behind Food Chain Magnate - Splotter Spellen.

Taking place during the 19th century and the invention of the automobile, Horseless Carriage is a board game for three to five players that challenges participants to build the most impressive automobile empire possible. With the transition from horse-drawn carriages to automobiles in its early stages and the general public uncertain about the safety of these new inventions, the players must attempt to persuade potential buyers of the advantages of horseless carriages despite their trepidation.

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As founders of their own automobile companies, players are pioneers of the industry and thus have many hurdles to overcome in their quest for market dominance and business success. The public aren’t just wary about the possible dangers of using the newly created horseless carriage, automobiles are also very expensive and not necessarily essential for the time. To appeal to new customers, the players will need to figure out what features their target buyers want to see in an automobile, catering to their desires for safety, convenience and other potentially marketable aspects.

Horseless Carriage was co-created by Joris Wiersinga & Jeroen Dourmen, who have previously worked together on designing Food Chain Magnate, as well as Antiquity - a board game set in Italy during the Middle Ages - and Indonesia, another board game about developing a business empire.

Food Chain Magnate, which was originally released in 2015, is a board game for two to five players focused on the fast food industry. In the game, players are tasked with building their own successful business around selling fast food by managing their human resources, as well as spreading their new brand throughout the city.

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Apart from Food Chain Magnate and Horseless Carriage, Splotter is known for releasing the aforementioned Antiquity and Indonesia, as well as Roads & Boats - a tabletop title about developing a civilisation using a meagre collection of resources.

Horseless Carriage is set to be released sometime in summer 2022 at a retail price of €84 (£72/$92).

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