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World of Darkness RPG Hunter: The Reckoning returns to “classic” world after almost 20 years

Free preview now available.

A preview for the new edition of the tabletop RPG Hunter: The Reckoning has revealed that the title will be returning to its classic “story world”.

Originally published in 1999, in October last year it was announced that Hunter: The Reckoning would be receiving a new edition set to be published by Renegade Game Studios, the studio behind several tabletop roleplaying games including Kids on Bikes, the Transformers RPG and, currently, other World of Darkness RPG - Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition. The new 5th edition of Hunter: The Reckoning will mark the roleplaying game’s first release after an almost 20 year-long hiatus.

A preview of the upcoming RPG rulebook is available to download on the World of Darkness website, featuring cover artwork for the game as well as an overview of its setting and some of its playable archetypes.

Hunter: The Reckoning 5E La Celestina RPG artwork

The preview has revealed that Hunter: The Reckoning will see players answering an irresistible call to action to fight against the various supernatural forces that threaten humanity. Set in the same world as other tabletop RPGs such as the aforementioned Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Hunter: The Reckoning has the players becoming a group of humans who are aware of the dangerous creatures that prey on the innocent.

Rather than rely on the protection and reassurances provided by official organisations such as the FBI or the religious Society of St Leopold, human characters in Hunter take it upon themselves to fight back against the vampires, werewolves, magic users and fae beings that use humanity as their playthings. Pursuing The Drive to take action, Hunters are able to push themselves beyond their limits, making them surprisingly competent in fighting supernatural beings.

Players are able to create their hunter character using a variety of different archetypes, with the preview featuring an insight into the Inquisitive archetype, a type of Hunter who specialises in the art of deduction. The Inquisitive Hunter is able to perceive elements of the world that others cannot, which helps in gathering clues to finding the whereabouts of whatever creatures are terrorising the local area. As Inquisitive Hunters, players can specialise in certain approaches such as being able to collect data or having a degree-level knowledge in supernatural beings.

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The preview of the horror RPG also contains an example of one of the terrifying monsters that player might face called La Celestina, the Bloody Mannequin. As human Hunters, the players will always find themselves on the back foot when it comes to supernatural creatures, with La Celestina presenting itself as a solitary woman hiding in darkness and waiting to reveal its true, grotesque form.

Hunter: The Reckoning 5th Edition is set to be released in full, both digitally and physically, sometime this year, with Renegade yet to confirm a retail price.

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