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Civilisation-building series Imperium includes Mayan and Inuit cultures in new game

Broaden your horizons.

A new entry in the Imperium series of board games will allow players to take control of fourteen more civilisations.

Imperium: Horizons is a new board game that introduces even more playable civilisations to the deckbuilding game series. An entry in a franchise of tabletop titles themed around notable civilisations – both historical and fictional – Horizons sees players competing against each other as varying cultures, each with their own unique focuses, decks, playstyles and abilities.

Similarly to the previous entries in the Imperium series, Classics and Legends, Horizons gives players the option to play as different civilisations with the goal of gaining the most victory points possible. Whilst the previous games allowed players to command Cartharginian, Greek, Roman, Arthurian and Atlantian cultures – but to name a few – Horizons introduces a series of new playable civilisations. The newly added civilisations include the indigenous Caribbean and Floridan Taino, the Aksumite people of Northeast Africa and South Arabia, the Chinese Tang Dynasty, the Inuit people and the Mayans, but to name a few.

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The upcoming game will see players building and growing their respective civilisations using deckbuilding gameplay mechanics, gradually acquiring more cards as they progress through the game. Each civilisation has its own unique deck which players will use to advance their cultures in various scientific, cultural and/or militaristic ways. Players will have to be wary to balance the growth of their civilisations so that they don’t expand too rapidly or too slowly, leaning into their respective civilisations’ strengths in order to succeed.

Players do not require copies of the series’ previous entries in order to play Horizons, but the game is fully compatible with both Classics and Legends should a group ever want to play any of the civilisations featured in those entries with Horizons. Besides the new playable civilisations, Horizons comes with a new solo game mode for players to experience too.

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Imperium: Horizons was co-created by Nigel Buckle & Dávid Turczi, the co-designers responsible for the previous entries in the Imperium series, with Buckle being otherwise known for creating the space board game Omega Centauri and Turczi being renowned for designing solo modes for various games like Petrichor and Kanban.

Osprey Games is set to publish Horizons, with the studio being responsible for all the previously released entries in the Imperium series and other tabletop titles like Undaunted: Normandy and the miniatures game Frostgrave.

Imperium: Horizons will be released in Summer 2023, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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