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Co-op sci-fi game Intrepid is the next release from the co-creator of Hardback

Boardly go where no-one has gone before.

Work together to survive in a collapsing space station 400 kilometres above the earth in Intrepid, an asymmetric co-op game from Jeff Beck - the co-maker of the word game Hardback.

In Intrepid, one to four players assume the roles of a team of brave astronauts based in an international space station that’s suddenly fallen into calamity. Struggling for resources and desperate to stay in orbit, players must cooperate in order to keep each other alive long enough for rescue to arrive.

The co-op board game sees players choosing between six possible characters, each with their own unique skill-sets to utilise and puzzle to solve throughout the course of the game. The difficulty of the game will depend upon which characters players decide to pick and how accomplished they are at the type of puzzle-solving required.

Each line-up of characters will provide players with a completely different gameplay experience every time.

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Once players have chosen their characters, they then move onto the disaster phase of the game - with various things going wrong on the space station, players will have to respond to each in order to survive. How players decide to go about dealing with disasters will likely depend upon the severity of the situation and how much time they have before things get worse.

By assigning the right dice results, players will be able to prevent disaster - if temporarily - and prepare the station for future problems. However, the more that players upgrade the ship, the more resources they use and the closer they get to running out entirely. Should players manage to survive through all the disasters, with enough resources to hand, then they win the game.

Other than co-creating Hardback and making Intrepid, Jeff Beck is also known for designing the asymmetric two-player board game Getaway Driver - inspired by classic spy movies such as James Bond - super-villain simulator Word Domination and co-creating the co-operative real-time game Wok Star: Third Edition.

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Jeff Beck also formed the publishing company responsible for releasing Intrepid - Uproarious Games - which has previously published Getaway Driver, Word Domination and will be releasing the upcoming tile placement game The Grand Carnival later this year.

Intrepid is currently up on Kickstarter until July 9th, with a pledge of $60/£48 getting a copy of the core game that’s set to be delivered sometime in May 2021.

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