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Cthulhu goes anime in Kamigami Battles spin-off Rise of the Old Ones

Arriving on Kickstarter next month.

Become an unfathomable being of unknowable power in Rise of the Old Ones, a spin-off from deckbuilding game Kamigami Battles that puts an anime spin on Lovecraftian horror.

Rise of the Old Ones is a standalone expansion for two to six players that has players competing against each other as one of the cosmic horrors made popular by the works of HP Lovecraft. Featuring playable characters such as Hastur and Cthulhu, Rise of the Old Ones introduces a new mechanic in the form of artifacts - though what they do and how players interact with them is yet to be confirmed.

Like the releases that came before it, the upcoming game will be compatible with the original Kamigami Battles.

In Kamigami Battles, players face off against one another in order to defend their sacred realm. Each player chooses from the roster of available gods and recruits several disciples and heroes to their cause. These disciples can collect energy points for their chosen god, as well as perform attacks on a player’s opponents. The goal of the game is to gradually reduce the other deities’ life force to zero or reach 25 energy points first.

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Players can decide whether to play an entirely competitive mode or a semi-co-op game of Kamigami Battles, with each team comprising multiple deities. Teams made up of two players can decide which of their characters will be their main deity and which is the support god. Whichever team successfully eliminates all the opposing teams is named the winner.

Kamigami Battles: Rise of the Old Ones was designed by Rich Gain, the creator behind the original game and its subsequent expansions.

Japanime Games is the publisher responsible for releasing the Kamigami Battles series of titles, as well as deckbuilding card game Tanto Cuore - which sees players attempting to hire as many maids as they can in order to score victory points.

The Kickstarter campaign for Kamigami Battles: Rise of the Old Ones is set to launch next month, with a price and release date yet to be confirmed.

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