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Egyptian board game Kemet returns this year with six-player support, solo play and new modes

Modular expansions headed to a crowdfunding campaign later in 2024.

Image credit: Matagot

Beloved Egyptian board game Kemet is returning later this year to crowdfund a re-release of the ‘dudes on a map’ hit. Alongside the reprint of revamped edition Kemet: Blood and Sand will be the option to play solo or with six players, alongside some brand new modes as modular expansions.

Kemet first released back in 2012, finding fans for its competitive scrap between ancient Egyptian tribes and their gods. Players fought their way to domination by invading regions, taking control of temples and pyramids, and using the favour of their gods - and some giant monsters to boot - to fend off their rivals.

The Dicebreaker team play Kemet: Blood and SandWatch on YouTube

Blood and Sand, crowdfunded in 2020 before a release the following year, revamped the original game with some rules tweaks and visual upgrades to its components.

Now, Kemet publisher Matagot has announced that Blood and Sand will return with another crowdfunding campaign in 2024 for another expansion of the game. Notably, the upcoming project will introduce a single-player solo mode and support for a sixth player on top of the base game’s two-to-player play count, with Matagot acknowledged as being long-requested by the game’s community. (Update: Matagot has clarified to Dicebreaker that the campaign will not be on Kickstarter, as originally stated.)

On top of the wider player count in both directions, the new Kemet: Blood and Sand additions will introduce several new game modes. While the modes are yet to be confirmed, Matagot confirmed that they will all be designed by original Kemet co-creators Jacques Bariot and Guillaume Montiage. The modes were said to be “new modules and gameplay configurations”, with players able to pick and choose which of the new rules they include.

Image credit: Matagot

Rather than a standalone box, the new modes will be released as expansions for the original Blood and Sand, with everything being compatible with the existing edition. Reprintings of the core game and other offerings from the 2020 Kickstarter will return alongside the new additions.

Matagot is looking beyond the return of Blood and Sand too, saying that the campaign will mark a “large-scale discussion with the community regarding the future of Kemet”. A launch date is yet to be announced.

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