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New Keyforge set part of Gamefound crowdfunding campaign that will measure player interest

After game was purchased by ex-Fantasy Flight founder.

The latest set for the card game Keyforge is currently featured as part of a crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound.

Winds of Exchange, the next set to be released for the unique deck game Keyforge, is included in a crowdfunding campaign that will serve to measure player interest in the game. Now published by Ghost Galaxy – a company owned by an ex-founder of Fantasy Flight Games, the previous publisher for Keyforge – the card game’s latest set will be crowdfunded in a campaign designed to provide the funding and information needed to kickstart Keyforge after a two-year hiatus.

Having been purchased from Fantasy Flight by Ghost Galaxy this summer – due to the recent issues surrounding the algorithm software that randomly-generated decks for Keyforge and the impact from COVID-19 pandemic – Keyforge is set to receive its next expansion, Winds of Exchange, which was initially announced back in September 2021. The expansion is part of a crowdfunding campaign that will also enable Ghost Galaxy to “gauge the size and commitment of the player-base to determine the viability of a Keyforge comeback.”

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Besides providing Ghost Galaxy with the resources to print a new expansion for Keyforge - as well as invest in areas such as organised play and migration of the Keyforge Master Vault database, which contains information on every card released for the game – the campaign will also help to fund the new software needed to begin creating the randomly-generated decks that the two-player game is known for. Prior to the studio’s purchase of Keyforge, a sister-company was reportedly in the process of building software to produce cards via digital printing, with Ghost Galaxy set to finish its creation for Winds of Exchange.

The upcoming expansion will feature an entirely new House for players to use in their games, The Merchant Compacts of Ekwidon. Appearing alongside the likes of Brobnar, Mars, Unfathomable, Sanctum, Saurian and Star Alliance, the Ekwidon House represents a network of traders who specialise in making deals as diplomats, arbitrators and artists.

Ekwidon’s playstyle is based around gaining the upper hand through making exchanges, enabling players to gain an advantage via an exchange. The aesthetics of Ekwidon are focused around bright clothing, insect-like companions called Synthsects and a species called Getrookya, who are asymmetrical beings who put great importance in the culture of trading and negotiation.

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Keyforge is a card game created by Richard Garfield, the designer behind Magic: The Gathering. Played between two players, the goal of Keyforge is to successfully forge three keys using the resource Æmber, which can be collected in a multitude of ways. Each player’s deck is randomly generated, meaning that players do not craft their decks themselves and each deck is entirely unique. Every deck is made up of three different Houses, which present their own playstyles for players to combo with.

On a player’s turn, they decide which of the three Houses in the deck to use, with the player being limited to only playing and activating cards of that House – unless a specific card allows them to do otherwise. Players can then play as many cards of that House as they like, as well as using their existing creatures to attack their opponents’ or perform other actions such as acquiring Æmber.

The Gamefound campaign for Keyforge: Winds of Exchange is live until September 26th, with a pledge of $65 (£56) getting backers a collection of six Winds of Exchange decks in February 2023.

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