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Help immigrants find a new home in Latin American-inspired board game La Frontera

To raise awareness of vulnerable immigrants.

La Frontera is an upcoming board game about immigrants and organisations working together to help vulnerable people find a new home.

Inspired by the current discussion surrounding immigration and by Latin American cultures, La Frontera is a co-op board game for two players that revolves around the need to help migrants make their journey safely and settle into their new place of residence. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.) In the game, one player takes the role of a group of migrants who are seeking a new life elsewhere for a variety of different reasons, with the other players controlling an NGO – or non-governmental organisation – who is seeking to support the migrating community.

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Throughout the course of the two-player board game, each player must work together to tackle various issues that arise when a group of people journey to a new country and make their home there– such as residential, bureaucratic, political, social and economic issues. According to designer Hilko Drude - who created Mission Impractical, a 2016 board game published by the studio behind La Frontera, Sobremesa – the upcoming game was “born from a need to put immigration as a topic on the table.”

Chilean studio Sobremesa also stated that “everyone has the right to move freely and to choose their residence in the territory of a state and that everyone has the right to leave any country.”

The players in La Frontera both win if they manage to solve all of the issues they encounter before they run out of time, with the safe migration of people being the goal for both parties involved.

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La Frontera was co-designed by Feño Casals Caro and Cami Muñoz Villar, who have previously worked together on the word game Chocolatext and the dystopian-themed board game Corruptia.

The NGO Committee on Migration is a non-governmental organisation whose goal is to enable the protection and promotion of the human right of safe migration between countries, in accordance with the United Nations Charter. First established in 2006, the organisation has been supporting those affected by global migration issues since then.

La Frontera is set to be published sometime this year, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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