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Legends of Andor is getting another entry, despite The Last Hope wrapping things up

The legend continues.
An image of the cover for Legends of Andor: The Cold Eternal
Image: Kosmos

A new entry in the Legends of Andor board game series is on the way, despite the franchise supposedly being wrapped up with The Last Hope.

A fantasy board game series about a group of heroes embarking on an adventure together, the first entry in the Legends of Andor franchise was the original released in 2012, before a follow-up called The Last Hope was eventually released in 2017. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.) Initially intended tie-up the mainline series – with several spin-off titles and expansions launched since – it appears that The Last Hope will not be the end of The Legends of Andor.

Entitled Die Legenden von Andor: Die Ewige Kälte, or Legends of Andor: The Cold Eternal in English, the upcoming board game looks to continue the series by focusing on a new quartet of heroes. Set to take place in a version of Andor that has been overcome by an unnatural cold spell, The Cold Eternal will have the players set out to discover the origin of the freezing weather.

An image of the board for Legends of Andor: The Cold Eternal
Image: Kosmos

According to German-language tabletop gaming website clinquenabend, the co-op game will enable players to choose from a warrior, a fire guardian, a dwarf and a sorceress as they cross a snow-covered landscape to the east on the hunt for the cause of the cold. Along the way, they’ll encounter various enemies and allies, with the opportunity to do a bit of “herbalism” along the way. Players can expect to face a dangerous enemy at the climax of their adventure.

The Legends of Andor: The Cold Eternal was created by Michael Menzel, the designer and artist behind the original board game and The Last Hope, as well as last year’s The Adventures of Robin Hood – which was nominated for the Spiel des Jahres, the most prestigious award a board game can receive.

Kosmos is the publisher responsible for releasing Legends of Andor: The Cold Eternal, alongside the previous entries in the series and other titles such as two-player board game Lost Cities and the co-op card game The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine.

YouTube creator ProZD chats about their feelings on the original Legends of Andor.

The original Legends of Andor sees two to four players working together to defend a kingdom from a horde of invading monsters. Over the course of five different scenarios, players must travel across the kingdom to complete various quests that will serve to better defend the castle against the encroaching armies. During scenarios, players must complete a collection of objectives whilst keeping an eye on things back at home.

Legends of Andor: The Eternal Cold is set to be released at the Essen Spiel convention, which will take place between 6th and 9th October 2022.

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