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Frolic and fight with the fae in this celtic-inspired 5th edition RPG book

Beware the Faerie Queene.

Pages of Against the Faerie Queene campaign book for Legends of Avallen
Image credit: Adder Stone Games, Modiphius Entertainment.

Cross swords and exchange pleasantries with the fae-folk in this 5th edition campaign book for a celtic-inspired tabletop roleplaying game.

Legends of Avallen is tabletop RPG that’s compatible with D&D 5th Edition and has players exploring a fantasy world inspired by celtic mythology during the Roman invasion of Britain. In the game, players find themselves on a mysterious island currently occupied by an army of invaders who threaten the locals’ way of life. Though there is peace for now, the possibility of war hangs over the island, with natives and invaders alike interacting with the Otherworld - or a realm that’s home to various magical creatures like fae, demons and dragons.

Instead of the commonly used polyhedral dice, players utilise playing cards in Legends of Avallen, using them to overcome obstacles, pass checks and move the story along. Throughout their playthrough, the players will be able to grow and improve their characters from a humble townsperson to a master of 40 potential professions, as well as martial combat and/or magical abilities.

An image of pages for Against the Faerie Queene campaign book for Legends of Avallen RPG.
Image credit: Adder Stone Games, Modiphius Entertainment.

Against the Faerie Queene is an upcoming roleplaying game book that enables players to experience a full campaign that takes their characters through from level one to 10. The campaign takes plenty of inspiration from celtic myths surrounding the faerie-folk, or strange magical beings who have a tendency to be tricksty and slippery. The Faerie Queene herself is an imposing figure who pursues an ancient quest for vengeance from across the Otherworld, utilising those loyal to her against the mortals.

As well as the main quest, players will also get new options for their characters - such as fresh legendary paths for some of the game’s professions, like the manipulative Enwyr or mechanical Automaficer. Players will be able to interact with new Vallic clans and Raxian invaders, as well as the dangerous and alluring fae families from the Otherworld. The campaign book takes inspiration from classic but little-known Welsh celtic stories like the boar hunt of Culhwch and Olwen and the journey of Peredur the Son of Efrawg.

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Against the Faerie Queene and Legends of Avallen are both created by Adder Stone Games, a Cardiff, Wales, based studio founded by Welsh local Deren Ozturk. The campaign book will be published in partnership with Modiphius Entertainment, a company that has previously released tabletop RPGs based on the likes of Star Trek, Fallout and Dune, as well as board games inspired by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Against the Faerie Queene campaign book will be released in June after a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in October 2022.

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