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Cut YouTube channel is releasing a party game version of Lineup

Will your answers add-up?

Humourous YouTube channel Cut is releasing a new party board game based on its Lineup series.

A lifestyle and comedy channel, Cut sees a varying group of presenters hosting a collection of different video series – some based around drinking games and others daring people to perform weird tasks in order to win $1000. One of the video series found on Cut is called Lineup, wherein a group of strangers are asked whether they can correctly match answers to the people who gave them. The Lineup series has seen strangers attempting to match the right phobias to the right people, as well as matching jobs to the people who do them.

The Lineup series has now been adapted into an upcoming board game that sees four to eight players trying to figure out what answers they think their opponents have given. At the start of each round, players draw a question card for the group whose subjects can range from the ordinary – such as how long they spent in the shortest job they’ve held – to the bizarre, such as how tall they think they’d be if a wizard happened to turn them into a giant.

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All players then secretly write down their answers to the question and put them aside. Everyone then attempts to guess what they think everyone else is going to say based on what they know about them, with their understanding of their fellow players informing their choices. The players then take turns to reveal their answer and explain the reasoning behind this. All the answers are then laid out, with any correct guesses earning players points.

This process continues until players want to stop, with whoever has the most points being named the winner of the game.

A close-up image of question cards from Lineup: The Game.

Lineup: The Game was designed and is set to be published by Cut, with the company having previously released several other party games such as Truth or Drink – a drinking game that has players revealing truths about themselves – and a dexterity game called Fear Pong.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Lineup is live until July 10th, with a pledge of $25 (£20) getting backers a copy of the core game in December.

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