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Raccoon Tycoon sequel gets another brilliantly catchy name: Lizard Wizard

Chameleon conjurers casting salamander sorcery.

Gather rare ingredients to cast spells, recruit magic casters and summon familiars in Lizard Wizard, the sequel to beginner board game Raccoon Tycoon.

Set in the mystical world of Astoria, Lizard Wizard is an upcoming game about becoming the most powerful scaly sorcerer in the land. A board game for two to five players, Lizard Wizard sees players seeking out the various ingredients to exchange for the mana they’ll need to do their magical bidding.

As the game progresses, players will recruit powerful wizards to their side, obtain a collection of spells and a fat stash of coins.

Players must decide what actions they want to perform on their turn, with some actions requiring them to have a certain amount of resources to perform. They can decide to play a reagents card, which gives them a selection of ingredients but increases the value of other ingredients at the same time.

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Any reagents gained can then be converted into mana, which is used to perform a lot of the major actions in Lizard Wizard, such as recruiting arch-mages from each of the seven schools of magic - which then combo with different wizard tower cards - summoning various familiars and researching powerful spells. Familiars can help players to perform certain tasks, such exploring and raiding the various dungeons spread across Astoria.

Spells provide different benefits depending on what school of magic they’re from, with some offering players momentary abilities and others opening up new opportunities to score additional points at the end of the game. Points are scored via arch-mages, wizard towers, gold and scoring spells, with the winning wizard being whoever has the highest total by the game’s end.

Lizard Wizard is set in the same world as Raccoon Tycoon, a board game which had players competing to acquire an empire of railroads and factories in the world full of anthropomorphic animals. Featuring a civilisation of industrious raccoons, the trading game saw players manufacturing and selling goods in an ever-changing economic market, with the aim of gathering the largest fortune in Astoria.

Lizard Wizard board game cards 2

Glenn Drover - the creator of Raccoon Tycoon and the tabletop adaptation of PC strategy series Age of Empires - designed Lizard Wizard and will be publishing it through Forbidden Games. Besides Lizard Wizard and Raccoon Tycoon, Forbidden Games is also known for releasing train game Railroad Rivals and last year’s Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates.

The Kickstarter campaign for Lizard Wizard is live until August 26th, with a pledge of $49 (£38) getting players a copy of the base game estimated to arrive in February 2021.

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