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Western Legends studio’s next game is like a tabletop version of Starcraft

Wrestle for the wormgate.

Fight it out as one of four factions in Lost Empires: War for the New Sun, the latest board game from the studio behind Western Legends - Kolossal Games.

Taking place in a distant future on a planet called 581, Lost Empires is a space-themed board game that revolves around a group of warring factions all seeking to gain control of the bountiful world. Containing artifacts left behind by advanced alien civilisations, planet 581 is the last remaining hope for humankind after Earth has fallen into ruin, with its fate being decided by a battle between four different organisations; including the Terra Corps; Imperium; Neo Human Republic and the Feng. Whoever manages to build a wormgate to bring in their invading armies first, takes control of the planet.

The players take the role of commanders of one of these rival factions, with their goal being to gradually construct a wormgate using the various artifacts scattered across the planet’s surface. In a similar fashion to a real-time strategy video game like Starcraft or the Command and Conquer series, the players will need to protect their bases - or Hives - and advance by using resources they find in the surrounding area, with each faction needing to explore the planet and win battles in order to obtain the essential artifacts they require.

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Depending on which faction the player chooses at the beginning of the upcoming board game, they’ll have to navigate around unique strengths and weaknesses in order to defeat their opponents. Before the game begins, players construct an 18 card deck containing various units, support cards and other aspects that will aid them in their fight. Each turn, players have a limited number of commands that they can use to deploy troops, activate units and play support cards, with players rolling off against one another with the dice used by the selected units.

Winning battles allows players to achieve objectives and gain an alien artifact, thereby putting them one step closer to success. Whichever player manages to acquire four artifacts first, constructs their wormgate and is declared the winner of the game.

Lost Empires: War for the New Sun was created by Brad Pye, who is responsible for designing titles such as deckbuilding game Terrors of London, a horror title that has players becoming an Overlord of one of several supernatural themed factions in Victorian London.

Lost Cities: War for the New Sun artwork 2

Besides Western Legends and Lost Empires: War for the New Sun, Kolossal is also known for releasing Omen: A Reign of War - a game that has players becoming children of Zeus battling out to gain the favour of the Greek pantheon - and a title inspired by Mayan mythology called Mezo.

The Kickstarter campaign for Lost Cities is live until October 20th, with a pledge of $25 (£19) getting backers a copy of the base game in July 2022.

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