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Post Malone is challenging fans to a game of Magic: The Gathering

With a $100,000 prize.

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Post Malone, the hip hop artist behind songs such as Sunflower and Better Now, has challenged fans to a game of Magic: The Gathering.

The rapper will compete against a fan one-on-one in a Magic: The Gathering game, with the prize being $100,000 in (£82,314) in cash.

Called Mana Y Mana: The Post Malone Magic Battle, the trading card game tournament will take place over two separate events. Firstly, Post Malone will be hosting a live stream in which viewers can enter a giveaway, putting their names forth for the match. Post Malone’s opponent will then be selected from the entrants, with all players being eligible to be chosen regardless of their skill level.

Whoever is picked will then be trained by the winner of the 2011 Magic: The Gathering Online Championship, Reid Duke, should they be unfamiliar with how to play Magic: The Gathering. After training, the player will then fly out to Los Angeles for the match against Post Malone, which will be filmed via a livestream.

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In a head-to-head game against Post Malone – who will be sat directly opposite – the player will compete in front of the livestream and a small local audience for the $100,000 (£82,314) prize. During the livestream, there will be giveaways and “special guest” appearances, with the guestlist yet to be confirmed.

Regarding the upcoming match, Post Malone commented that “I absolutely love Magic: The Gathering and I can’t wait to […] battle it out with the winner.”

Post Malone is one of several notable celebrity players of Magic: The Gathering, with the rapper having recently bought a Black Locust Card, one of the most valuable and rare Magic: The Gathering cards in the history of the game, for $800,000 (£658,512). Besides Magic: The Gathering, Post Malone has also gotten involved in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, with the musician being included in a promotional collection of celebrity cards that also featured Katy Perry and J Balvin.

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game for two players that sees competitors battling against each other using their respective decks of cards. Each player will take turns playing cards from their hand, requiring mana from land cards in order to pay the cost of certain cards. Players will be looking to either reduce the other player’s health point total to zero, or to fulfill whatever unique requirements they may have in order to win.

The player selection livestream will take place on Whatnot – a livestream app – on August 4th at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET/ 10am BST, with the main event livestream set to happen on August 11th.

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