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Magical Kitties Save the Day RPG is scampering back to Kickstarter next month

For when you knead some escapism.

The family-friendly roleplaying game, Magical Kitties Save the Day, is returning to Kickstarter for another campaign later this month.

Called Magical Kitties Level Up!, the Kickstarter campaign for the rules-light RPG will add some brand new elements for players to use in their storylines. Alongside the core box for Magical Kitties, a Power Up sourcebook will be available - providing players with a fresh set of powers and adventures to implement - as well as a new hometown, or roleplaying setting, for kittens to explore named Fantastica.

Players can also get their hands on the Our Hometown Workbook, which will enable them to further develop the hometown that their characters inhabit, and the My Kitty Workbook to help them keep track of their kitten’s various stats and their history of adventures.

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Magical Kitties Save the Day is an RPG designed to be accessible to both beginners and experienced players, as well as children and adults. The world of Magical Kitties is one filled with wonder and danger in equal measure, with the player’s feline characters leaving the safety of their human’s homes and embarking on exciting adventures. Every magical kitty has their own human, who they must protect against the threat of aliens, robots, witches and more, using their incredible powers.

In the roleplaying game, the GM narrates to the other players what is happening in the world that their characters are inhabiting, whilst the players must decide how they want their character to respond. Each kitten has three main attributes - cuteness, cunning and fierceness - which they must use to overcome skill tests in order to perform various actions. When they encounter a skill test, the player must roll as many dice as is equal to the stat they’re rolling for, with a success requiring at least one die to roll equal to or above the difficulty number selected by the GM.

If the player’s character has any talents or magical powers, they’ll be able to add extra dice to certain rolls - as long as their use makes sense - to increase the chances of success without negative consequences. The more dice that roll equal to or above the target number, the greater the level of success - to the point where particularly good rolls result in bonuses.

Magical Kitties Save the Day artwork

Magical Kitties Save the Day was co-created by Matthew J Hanson - the designer of the post-apocalyptic RPG Broken Earth and the Pathfinder sourcebook Alternative Objectives - Justin Alexander, a producer for RPGs such as Feng Shui and Over the Edge, and Michelle Nephew, co-owner of Atlas Games - the company responsible for releasing Magical Kitties.

Besides publishing roleplaying games like Magical Kitties, Atlas Games is best known for releasing the Gloom series of card games about a family doomed to misfortune.

The Magical Kitties Level Up! Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on May 11th, with pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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