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SPONSORED: Which character should you play in Marvel Dice Throne?

Dicing with danger.

This article was sponsored by The Op Games, the studio behind Marvel Dice Throne. You can get Marvel Dice Throne from Amazon UK and US.

Marvel Dice Throne features a cast of characters who may all originate from the same comic book universe but vary wildly in personality and playstyle. A dice-rolling board game that pits recognisable superheroes and villains against one another, Marvel Dice Throne also offers players a range of difficulty levels depending on which character they decide to play as.

Whether you pick playable characters based on playstyle, difficulty or personality, this guide should give you a good idea of what to expect from each superhero and villain found in the core box of the Marvel board game.

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The God of Thunder is a force of nature

As the God of Thunder, Thor in Marvel Dice Throne plays as aggressively as you’d expect. Players can unload an unrelenting bout of blows by rolling combos of hammers, dealing a maximum of seven damage in just one attack if they’re lucky. With his Chain Lightning ability, Thor can dole out damage equal to the value of two dice, plus an extra two damage to any opponent of the player’s choice.

Thor’s real ace in the hole is Mjolnir, his trusty hammer. Throwing Mjolnir will enable Thor to deal additional damage to opponents who have the token, as well as get the god the electrokinesis tokens he needs to pull off attacks such as Bottled Lightning. Players who enjoy pummeling their opponents into submission will enjoy controlling this Odinson in Marvel Dice Throne.

An image of the components for Loki for Marvel Dice Throne.
Loki certainly lives up to his title as the god of mischief in Marvel Dice Throne.


The trickster god is ready to cause some mischief

Loki’s abilities are almost all focused around confounding his foes and generally making their lives difficult. Using his Illusion ability, players will force opponents to draw from one of three cards when attempting to hit the right Loki, with each one offering its own unique outcome – some good, some bad.

The chaos continues with Loki’s silliest, and possibly deadliest, ability: Bag of Tricks. Players can use the Vex attack to give an opponent seven damage and a Bag of Tricks, which they’ll have to roll for. Whilst some effects are positive, such as giving players combat points to upgrade their characters with, others will result in less fortunate outcomes. Whenever the player inflicts the Spellbound condition on an opponent, that player will lose an offensive ability until they are able to remove the condition. For pure unpredictable fun, be sure to make a deal with Loki.

Scarlet Witch

This dark sorcerer will confound her enemies

Players who want more of a challenge should consider donning the horned headpiece of Scarlet Witch in Marvel Dice Throne. A sorcerer known for twisting reality itself, Scarlet Witch has an entire grimoire of spells for players to cast on their opponents. Almost all of Scarlet Witch’s abilities offer multiple benefits depending on the result of a player’s roll. For example, Jinx deals six damage plus the potential for more damage or a nasty status effect that opponents will need to struggle to remove.

Perhaps Scarlet Witch’s most powerful and iconic ability is that of probability manipulation, which enables players to increase or decrease any even numbers on their dice, as long as they have the resources to spend. Scarlet Witch is capable of inflicting some serious damage on her enemies if players are able to set things up first.

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Miles Morales: Spider-Man

Sling webs and dodge opponents with the wall-crawler

One of Marvel Dice Throne’s more straightforward characters, Spider-Man provides a simple but effective set of combos to empower fresh-faced players to give more experienced opponents a run for their money. Spider-Man's most impressive power is easily his ability to turn invisible, which allows him to defend against what would have otherwise been an undefendable attack.

Additional, Spider-Man is able to tie his enemies up in webs with attacks like Ensnare, which in turn prevents them from defending against any of his attacks. What’s more, the wall-crawler can perform an additional attack at the end of an opponent’s defensive roll phase using his Combo ability, adding even more damage. Being less complicated doesn’t make Spider-Man any less of a threat to his enemies.

Black Panther

Wakanda’s king gives more than he gets

Black Panther’s entire playstyle is built around a single, powerful concept: make opponents think twice before attacking you. The King of Wakanda isn’t the most complicated character in Marvel Dice Throne’s cast, but he does have huge defensive potential. Equipped with his Vibranium Suit, Black Panther can prevent receiving up to three damage – possibly negating an opponent’s attack entirely.

On top of this, T’Challa can also rely upon his Kinetic Energy ability, which enables him to spend tokens to increase his damage output on every single attack. Whenever Black Panther’s stack limit for Kinetic Energy tokens is reached, he is forced to discard them in favour of receiving combat points for upgrades, drawing two cards and dealing out five damage to an opponent of his choice. By building up Kinetic Energy, Black Panther can easily overwhelm opponents who are unable to bypass his defences.

An image of the character pieces for Black Panther.
Black Panther is one of the more defensive characters found in the dice rolling game.

Captain Marvel

She radiates star power

Able to harness the power of the cosmos itself, Captain Marvel is a force to be reckoned with. This superhero might not have any elaborate tricks, but boy is she able to deal damage to a lot of opponents. With Cosmic Flare, Captain Marvel can inflict damage to all opponents with a single devastating ability. Even in her standard attacks, Captain Marvel is impressive – with players able to use her Cosmic Ray to roll two additional dice and add it as a damage modifier.

Not only is the superhero a strong offensive choice, she also has defensive capabilities. With Radiance, Captain Marvel can change the result of one defensive die to a six, allowing her to better withstand enemy attacks. Captain Marvel may not be complicated, but she is a threat of galactic proportions.

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